Preload becoming management?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Kraetos, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Kraetos

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    Recently in the past 2 weeks we've had minor changes to preload positions and duties on our Preload.

    A new position was created on preload for a so called "Safety Auditor". We've never had this position in our hub before and mainly this preloader just walks around the whole shift asking every preloader safety questions.

    By the way, this person only loaded trucks for about 5 they get to walk around with a clipboard and put together safety meetings ect. and come up with a vast array of bs safety stuff the likes of which we've never seen before. I asked my supervisor if it was a management position and he said it wasn't, it was like any other position on the preload...

    Also, now when we ever get a misload, instead of just signing a paper that goes into our file, we have to fill out a truck audit. These are all jobs that management has done for years and years, so I'm a little confused as to why all of a sudden preload is doing them...
  2. cachsux

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    This person has no authority over you,sign NOTHING they give you,grieve any audit they take of you.
  3. City Driver

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    things like this are just a money pit

    the same with all the time and effort they spend making us memorize all these stupid safety quotes

    can we just do our jobs please?
  4. Mike23

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    If you watch the manager I'm sure you'll see him 'helping' load boxes...likely he's been promoted, took a pay cut and still doing the same junk but just annoying other loaders too.
  5. UnsurePost

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    What you probably have is a safety committee goobie. There will always be a few clipboard union types that seem like wanna-be management. I usually just ignore them if they ask me questions, or snicker at them when passing.
  6. Brown Rocket

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    We have always had a part time sup that was refered to as the "cornerstone guy." He trains all new hires and walks around with the clipboard asking questions. He's a good guy and was none to shabby a loader. I heard he was a crappy exception air driver which is what boggled my mind when hey put him on the trucks with the other part time exception drivers after he was promoted to train them.

    The funniest thing is when part timers get hurt they send them around to ask questions too. As if to say "I was to dumb to learn so now I am asking you." The best one was the girl walking around with a clipboard asking saftey questions while wearing a neck brace.
  7. happybob

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    Keep quiet, for now. After this new job has been done for 30 days you can file a grievance and have that job considered a new job, and have the company put the job up for bid. It sounds like a gravy job to me, walk around asking safety questions all day, etc., etc.
  8. GoBrown???

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    we have that in our building...its someone from the safety commitee. usually the chairman or co-chair. because ups is pushing "safety" they can code peoples hours to the safety budget and not their own, i.e. preload, local sort, or drivers. they can observe and report but the cannot put the persons name on any is anonymous. they can also bring awareness to things being down right or wrong. that is why it cant become a biddable position, unless you are on the safety commitee and show complete interest and concern
  9. Clutch

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    In my hub we have a lady (she sorts my area) that comes around once every week that asks us safety questions. We've had it for a while now, I've seen people just spew out all the answers to the same questions she asks us every week, before she opens her mouth.
  10. rod

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    I always found that if you spit alot when you talk or sneeze or cough without covering your mouth or maybe pass a little gas they tend to move on down the line and don't bug you. I bet this defense works even better now days.:nurse::doctor::bloodshot::poop:
  11. Brown Rocket

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    HA HA I did this to a part time sup a couple of months ago. It seemed like he was always auditing my trucks so I started ripping them right next to him everytime he would come in my trucks. Him - "You smell that" Me- "No, what does it smell like *chuckle*" Him - "Like someone crapped their pants." me - "I don't smell anything, it must be you."

    He must have figured it our because he stopped auditing my trucks.