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    To the preload sups out there willing to give advice. What can be done about a steward who is loading 4 cars at the end of a belt with about 700-800 pieces(other loaders with 4 cars average 1000-1200 a day) and refuses to use carrying methods and carries one package at a time, deliberatly loads slow to milk the clock at the end of the day and complains about unsafe conditions that he is causing by going so slow. Is there anything to protect management from this type of sabotage. He claims everyones optimum carry is different so is there anything that can be done to stop this.
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    If what you are saying is true, these are the kind of people I do not like.
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    I would suggest that you OJS the employee, demonstrating the methods that he fails to follow and then hold him accountable on the results of the OJS
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    That is a tough one, definitely OJS this clown, and YOU must physically demonstrate proper methods, then make sure he understands why the methods benefit HIM (reduces wasted energy, makes him more efficient, ect.) verbally, then put him at the helm, watch him do the job and when he messes up the methods, correct him until he sees the light. It is not easy, not at all, but the methods DO work, and when he sees the light he will realize that he won't have to work as hard, his area will be safer, and usually there is always plenty of work to go around if he wants more hours.
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    Can you not move him to a different location? Or redistribute the trucks so that his package count is proper for someone at the end of a belt? This happens routinely at my center. At least then at the end of the day he's done his fair share, and a higher package count might compel him to work a little quicker.
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    Good luck with that. Like I mentioned in another thread, "know your limits" works both ways. If UPS wants to drill catch phrases, they had better honor them.
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    "Know your limits" is an excuse for people, UPS employees must be able to handle packages on regular basis that weigh around 40 pounds. If he can't do this do a fit for duty assessment, if he is not fit for duty let him go. Second step, demonstrate the methods and observe him, giving corrective and appreciative feedback as you go. If that doesn't work ask him is DOK, if he doesn't know it, tell him he needs to learn it, and everytime he refuses to learn AND shows disregard for them, give a warning letter. Because you need to know them if you are to perform a job safely. And you can't perform your job safely if you don't at least have a descent grasp.
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    Because you need to know them if you are to perform a job safely.

    You don't need to know them if you are to perform a job safely. It is possible to do this job in a safe manner and not know the DOK material.

    And you can't perform your job safely if you don't have at least a decent grasp.

    The DOK are basic common sense so, yes, having a working knowledge of the DOK will make you a safer employee; however, it is possible to perform your job safely and not have a decent grasp of the DOK.
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    You need a fit for duty test, if you believe all of that.

    I know MANY hourlies who cannot handle 40 pounds regularly. You most likely do not have much experience.

    The DOK does not and never will be needed to work safely and, assigning warning letters for not knowing the DOK verbatim is burying your own grave. That is battle he/she will win every time, not lowly PT sup.
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    Bring in a Liberty Mutual/Keter guy to give a demo. Load him up with the appropriate number of packages (optimum carry) each time, then remind him to scan his walk path. Let us know how he does it.
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    OJS him showing the proper methods...
    1 package is not an optimum carry each and every time. Sure if it's a 45lb package that might be fine, but the job dictates he is able to lift 70lbs. I'm not saying he needs to lift 70 lbs everytime, but he is messing with you. Once you OJS him and you instruct him when he is to carry multiple packages, you have control. Now when you see him not following your instructions and the methods you review with him what you see and document the discussion. If it continues to happen you then get the steward involved and document again. Follow progressive discipline and if he continues to not follow your instructions and the methods you have demonstrated he will be looking for a new job. Make sure when you do the OJS you document every instruction you give him and when he deliberately doesn't follow your instructions document what you saw and what you instructed. Example is observed and instructed employee to carry multiple packages (5 lb, 2 lb, letter) into car at same time vs making 3 separate trips for those 3 packages I observed. The best thing he is at the end of belt, so he has a better opportunity for multiple package carrys than those in the middle of the belt. This is an easy one....

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    hah, yeah, get the steward involved with the steward. Brilliant.

    Love the "control" line, too. So appropriate.
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    Actually getting a FT Steward involved in this situation is brilliant if that needs to happen. Unfortunately it shouldn't have to come to this point, but it sure looks like we have someone here who just wants to play games. And again if it comes to the point that I have to continually tell someone how to do their job properly, and have to OJS and demonstrate multiple time, yes, I am in control, he either chooses to follow my instructions and training or he chooses to go the other direction.
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    I walked one out two weeks ago. Here's the deal, and you might want to listen closely. How can you follow a rule if you don't have a grasp of it? Now i'm trying to find the spot in which I put "verbatim", but you know, i just can't seem to find it. You know why? Because I didn't put the word "verbatim" in there. I said a "decent grasp." How can you drive if you can't read? Furthermore, if he carries one 40 pound package in the car is it not possible to carry 3 12 pound packages? or 8 5 pound packages? OP clearly stated he carries packages one at a time (see i can read), he never said the steward couldn't carry weight. However he did say he doesn't follow carrying methods, and I'm assuming (I know, I know) that's lifting and lowering. So if one of my employees wants to not follow prescribed methods that i have demonstrated time and time again and have gotten commitments that they will and they STILL want to lift with their back and not their knees, twist instead of pivot, and carry on shoulder instead of power zone, after time and time again of training, then yes I will discipline on failure to follow instructions, which ties in to failure to follow the rules, which once again ties into having a "decent grasp" of the DOK. And for the grand finale, once again, how do you follow a rule without knowing it.
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    Are you really gone to the point where you believe the phrasing "decent grasp" relates to a specific amount of depth-of-knowledge, or would you agree that could be a varying amount depending upon the recipient of the phrase?
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    It sounds like you have control issues.

    Everyone is different. We have different limitations and abilities.

    Get over it.
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    Sleeve, if a preloader cannot make an optimum carry with smaller pkgs (read: less than 20 lbs) he shouldn't be in the preload. He causes more problems for all of us at the point.

    OP, has a reassignment been offered, to another area like small sort? Offered, not ordered. If he declines that, then the steps to re-train and discipline are in order.