preload to pt supervisor. pros and cons.... PLEASE

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    Hi my name is brian and i am brand new to this site and also to ups. I have only been there for 6 weeks and have been asked to become a pt supervisor. what are the good points and the bad points of doing this. i dont know what to do as i havent quite figured out how ups works yet. ANY HELP OR INSIGHT IS APPRECIATED. thanks.
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    Anything I, or anyone could say, would be a re-hash of a topic that has been discussed many,many times. On each forum the numbers within the boxes are page(s) upon page(s) of previous threads. Find the thread titles similar to yours. There should be plenty to choose from. Then read away. As always the choice is yours and your families, if any. Do whats best for you. Welcome to the Browncafe. Don't be a stranger. Best of luck.
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    If you dont plan on a long term future with the company, become a supervisor. You will get more money right away and more money for school if your going that route. If you want a career with the company and like the idea of being part of a union, stay and wait it out. You will eventually make more money, have a good retirement, benefits and an opportunity to drive. But if you go that route be prepared for hard work, physically hard work. The kinda work that puts some hair on a man's chest.
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    If you have only been there 6 weeks and they are trying to recruit you as a supervisor, that fact alone should at least raise a red flag. Do you believe in 6 weeks you have impressed them so much with your stellar attributes that they want you on their team? Or, could it be they want to ensnare you quickly before you've had time to see (the bad, the really bad, and the ugly.) Ponder that.
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    Good luck, management is the worst thing you can do at UPS. You won't move up to anything and won't be able to leave your position, so you'll basically be stuck at a pt sup until you quit. They are going to teach you how to lie cheat and exaggerate so have fun.
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    They take every moral the your parents, hopefully, instilled in you and piss on them. Now, let me add this. There are managers who manage to keep their morals. They are few and far between, anymore. This is not the same company I started working for. I have enjoyed working with many managers. I hope you end up being one of those people, if you decide to take the leap. I dont recommend it, but I do wish you the best.
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    The problem with preload soups, is they will make you preload anyways. If someone calls out and they dont have enough to cover it, they will make you do it, since your lowest to their senority. Second, they will verbal bashes you almost everyday if the numbers you provide arnt good enough, which they will never be. Third, you will lose all respect from them and your previous fellow workers. You'll be seen as liar and traitor amoungst people you once got along with. The soup postion is where people try to get out of doing real work, yet will find that path fruitless in time, you'll be stuck there forever until you move on.
  8. greengrenades

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    Yea I agree, they are few and far between. The ones that I do honestly believe are genuine to me are usually the veterans. It makes me sad to that these good managers will be retiring soon. I've only been there 10 years but even in that short amount of time the change has been drastic. There were bad supervisors then but not like they are now. Actually since we changed districts is when it went down hill. Even my supervisor now is saying how it's going to be a sad site in several years since UPS basically takes anyone they can get. I asked someone one day if they made the supervisor that way or were they always snakes, and he said they usually already have that trait. Honestly it's something I could never do, I never could try to set someone up for failure then look them in the eye as I write them up.
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    Dont do it