Premium Service Customers Beware!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bubblehead, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Bubblehead

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    Once again today, in a center near me, service was thrown under the bus disguised as weather issues in regards to Next Day Air commit times. As it was explained to me, we were delayed this morning due to the arrival of many ground packages that had been delayed due to the winter storms in the Great Lakes area last week. The preload was about 45 mins late wrapping up. Before I made my first stop we received an OMS message instructing us to sheet any late air as "weather". Upon my return this evening, I asked my center manager how we could do this in clear conscience since there was no bad weather here last night? His answer was that the packages that caused our late departure was due to bad weather elsewhere last week. When I asked him what that had to do with the customers that contracted our premium next day service yesterday with the expectation of their package being delivered by 10:30am this morning? His answer was..........silence.

    This company is systematically losing all integrity and in the process it's very soul.

    P.S. I delivered all of my Next Day Airs on time. Had i not, I most certainly would not have followed instructions.
  2. The Blackadder

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    Customer service is number 2 safety is number 1.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Da ta da ta da ta da tada looks like a job for INTEGRITY. Never fear he is on his way.
  4. probellringer

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    their company ...their rules... pkgs that SHOULD be sheeted as missed --are now ecd....
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    Isn't that fudging the numbers? Isn't that being not so honest to the stockholders? HMMMM. Isn't that illegal? HMMMM.
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    Speaking of late packages has anyone used "Packagefox"? I see the ad everytime I visit this site.

    I had a 3 day select that did not get delivered yesterday. I tracked that package and it was out for delivery at 5 am yesterday. No inclement weather, it was sheeted as emergency condition at 930pm that night.

    I'm guessing they overdispatched my driver and he missed service on it.:dissapointed:
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    You need to quit being so selfish, and start getting the "big picture".

    You are just a customer and you need to get your priorities straight. That driver has a supervisor, and that supervisor needs to generate his required Stops Per Car metric every day or his boss will throw a screaming hissy fit. Have you ever seen a Division Manager throw a screaming hissy fit? Its not pretty. In fact, its a freaking emergency. You seem to think that you are somehow entitled to get your package in a timely manner just because you paid us some money. We will deliver your damn package when its convenient for us, not you.
  8. robot

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    Yeah you're right. What the hell was I thinking lol!

    As long as I get the package by friday I'm fine with it. Probably be easier for me just to willcall it and pick it up when I get off of work.
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    First of all I'm a feeder driver and been with the company 28 yrs.....and am not :censored2: about this because I know what the drivers have been going thru here in Okla the last week and 1/2.

    Ordered a new sweater and had it sent 3 day select for an extra $5.95 charge in shipping. The origin scan showed 1/28/2011 in Jacksonville made it to Mesquite on 2/1/2011. It has been listed as adverse weather conditions since 2/1/2011. My pkg car driver on my route called me this morning and said he was just going to leave it in my locker at work and I could pick it up tonite if and when I go into work this evening. I told him thats fine. 11 days on a 3 day select from JacFla. Maybe a record. LOL

  10. 728ups

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    We had a bad snowstorm in the Atlanta area last month,operations were suspened for monday and tuesday ,with limited operations the rest of the week. The entire week after the storm,we had no commit times on NDA,and were told to sheet any late as emergency conditions. furthermore any packages we could not make service on (be it off area mis loads,on area misloads or stops on route) were to be sheeted as 'emergency conditions', there were to be NO packages sheeted as missed
  11. Bubblehead

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    Sorry old fella, but you just aren't understanding the point of the thread. Please reread the original post.
  12. brownmonster

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    This company is lucky we drivers can smooth this over with our customers. People are :censored2: and they know they are getting scammed. And by the way UPS, HIRE SOME DAMN PEOPLE!.
  13. probellringer

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    its very simple...every 3 days do your rte backwards--start from the 8000 section ---balance out the ecd's... and how bout air in load.....i went 4 days without attempting a nda...that was a record...
  14. rod

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    A friend of mine just had some stuff delivered by Fedex today that had been on route for 14 days from Indiana to Minnesota. That sounds like a new record to me.
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    Must be nice to be able walk through your truck before noon.