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Pro-Gun / Hunting Thread

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by therodog, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. therodog

    therodog Guest

    Gun-Maker Praises Lawsuit Shield
  2. feguy

    feguy Guest

    So then everyone agrees...we have to right to bear arms, the second amendment being really the sole reason why we do. No argument. The second amendement, which grants us that right, also states, rather prominently, that the people bearing those arms, us, you and I (the Militia) are to be well regulated. Not just a little bit, but well regulated.
    Gun control is MANDATED by the very source of your right to bear arms.
    You have the right to bear arms, provided you obey the stipulations in the amendment which grants you that right.
  3. therodog

    therodog Guest

    gun control doesnt work, never has, never will.
  4. therodog

    therodog Guest

    FE guy, you might want to register, so your IP doesnt show to the world .
  5. therodog

    therodog Guest

    Any reloaders in here?
  6. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Let me keep my shotgun to protect my personal property.
    Take the handguns off the streets so I never have to use my shotgun.
  7. over9five

    over9five Guest

    Sure. We'll just tell all the criminals that it's illegal to have a handgun, and they'll surely turn them in....
  8. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

  9. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    If you're gonna start stirring the politcal pot then let's stir the pot real hard!


    And BTW: It's time you "republicans" got a reality check that in fact your leaders are closet democrats too! Who wasted their vote now or were you just a centralist too and wanted to be a totalitarian for a day?


    Matter-a-fact: Let's really stir the pot real hard now.


    1st sentence, second paragraph sez it all!
  10. susiedriver

    susiedriver Guest

  11. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    There you go Susie! You stir it girl!

    I love it!

    That pretty much sums it up fairly well and I'm cool with it!
  12. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    Let's stir even harder! How about a 5 gallon bucket of EXTREME Hot Sauce with a sprinkling of radioactive material!
  13. move to Canada we`re just bleeding heart liberals, for now
  14. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    "Sure. We'll just tell all the criminals that it's illegal to have a handgun, and they'll surely turn them in...."

    common response. The NRA sells the handguns to the criminals then tells the general public they need to buy guns to protect theirselves. All one big money making racket perpetrated by the gun manufactorers.
  15. therodog

    therodog Guest

    great, more anti-gunners.
  16. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    WOW! I had no idea that the NRA was selling guns. Do they have stores they do this from or are they doing this via the internet on places like Ebay? Are gun stores secretly owned by the NRA? Do NRA members get a discount and are convicted felons sought after for membership in the NRA? I never knew these things about the NRA. I surely hope they don't use UPS to ship these guns.

    Come to think of it, I don't remember NRA telling me anything one way or the other or maybe it's just that I don't listen to begin with. I just always considered the fact that if the Federal gov't could begin to regulate and in effect do away with one right listed in the Bill of Rights then the other rights of Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, etc. were also at threat. Hey wait a minute, that's the Patriot Act isn't it but that's a Bush Gem piece so I know Tie's all for it as he's a Bushie Boy through and through. I'll bet had Tie been around 250 years ago he would have been loyal to another fella named King George!

    Hey Tie, your republican gods are really doing a great job with legacy building. They are even outspending Clinton and the democrats. They are making Hillary look more and more conservative every day and now the great Newt has even teamed up with Hillary on increasing the scope of federal occupation of health care in this country. Our health care system is already screwed up and in shambles and now comes this bunch to propose they make it a federal program and in all likelyhood make it much worse as this is the general track record of the federal gov't when they take something over.


    quebec driver, we don't have bleeding heart liberals we have Stupid liberals otherwise called republicans. At least bleeding hearts, although misguided trusting a monster like gov't, mean well. Republicans should know better as they talk the talk but are to chicken :censored2: to walk the walk.
  17. susiedriver

    susiedriver Guest

    Someone please corect me if I'm wrong, But has a gun manufacturer ever been sued for the act of a criminal? I am aware of manufacturers being sued because they sold guns to dealers who they knew sold to criminals, but Bushco has made sure that won't happen any more with this legislation. Amazing how quickly something can move through Congress. I guess it all depends on the 'grease' you use.
  18. over9five

    over9five Guest

    "..has a gun manufacturer ever been sued for the act of a criminal?"

    I hope not. If I deliver a bomb to someone and it kills them, should UPS be sued? Should the driver? Really, we should be doing background checks on all shippers.

    "..they sold guns to dealers who they knew sold to criminals.."

    I'm not sure how a gun manufacturer could know this. I think they can sell to any dealer with a FFL (Federal Firearms License) because all sales are regulated by the GOVERNMENT (who issues the FFL and requires paperwork on sales of every gun).
    UPS brags about delivering to every address. I guess this must include known criminals. Why do we do this? What if they're getting bomb parts or drugs? We really should do background checks on all receivers too, and not deliver to criminals.

    "The NRA sells the handguns to the criminals.."

    Wow, Tie, that was out there...Not sure how to respond..
  19. susiedriver

    susiedriver Guest


    Funny thing is, a software manufacturer can be sued if a person uses their software to download music or movies. Yeah, I know it's not the same thing, except that powerful special interests are involved.
  20. over9five

    over9five Guest

    "For real info on gun manufacturer lawsuits.."

    Susie, Come on! A website run by the Brady Center can't be used as "real info"! It is too slantingly one-sided.

    Now, if you want real info about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (the one you called a "Bushco" thing, when it had strong bipartisan support)