Problem with filing married with UPS..........

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    I recently got married a week ago. I have went to HR. No help... just gave me the 800 number. That number just gave me about 4 options that had nothing to do with it. The update my information only wanted to update my address and phone number..... Can anybody help me???? I need to get my wife and stepson added to my plan so everything can be up to date. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Call teamcare to add them to your insurance
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  4. garbagemeister

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    I called 1-800-877-1508. HR said it was the benefits service center.
  5. garbagemeister

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    I've been married almost 10 years and they still have my wife on the insurance under her maiden name.

    Which makes no sense because I could not add her until we were married.
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    Will adding the stepson be an issue?
  8. It shouldn't be. Most insurance companies will accept stepchildren just fine. I'm on my stepfather's insurance right now.
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    Be sure to do it soon. There is a window of time after you get married to add people. I almost missed it with my wife. might be of help
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    Here I thought you were an old coot
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    She must be a great cook, no?
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    How was the honeymoon?
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    Make your wife do it. That is what I did. You only get a short window to do it or you have to wait a year. Just look at your insurance card you should always keep with you. Call whatever number is on there.