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I have my business administration degree, but I have worked for UPS for the last ten years.

What is the policy on contingent employees in the promotion pool?

I recently was not asked to apply for a position because I did not have an accounting degree. I do however have several years experience in accounting.

Does it make sense that I being a UPSER does not even get to interview while a Contingent employee was hired instead?



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While it used to be that UPS would not promote someone that has not come up through the ranks, the times they are achanging.

I dont understand, who asked you not to put in your application? IT would seem that if you have experience, and a business degree, that would stand you in good stead. But to ask you not to apply? Sounds like someone wants you right where you are for a long time. Maybe you are making someone look good?



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It sounds to me that that you are very qualified for the job, I would go for it if I were you. I couldn't tell from your post if you are in a hourly or management type job now. It sounds that with a Business Administration degree and accounting experience, You have the qualifications needed for Center Manager and up as far as educational requirements go.

As a Package Driver, I have had several "On Car" Supervisors quit the company in the past because they didn't have a degree and they would always be working in the Package Division because of that. They were told that they would never be a Center Manager, their promotion options were limited. I am in the same boat as them, while I have considered sending in "my letter of intent", the thought of working in operations forever plus my seniority brought me to my senses.

I would go for what you want. If UPS doesn't want you, you have the option of finding a company that will appreciate your education. Most of the people that I know that have left are very happy with that decision, they are less stressed and work better hours. Good luck.


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The "promotion" process at UPS is bs. I can't tell you how ridiculous I find the whole procedure. Even the most highly qualified candidates have to take tedious little tests and do stupid "activities" to "prove" their worth. I personally find it offensive that someone who puts themselves through four years of college, or more, has their entire hiring/promotion decision boiled down to an exam!

For my position, which I got just a few months out of college, I had to take a typing test! Oh, that irked me, because again, at UPS, it's not about the "soft skills" or your accomplishments, but the hard numbers. Never mind my 3+ years interning for an IT company, I guess I needed to have numeric "proof" that I was a good typist.

Anyway, rwhite, if you think you are qualified, apply for that job. If it's your current manager telling you not to apply there may be a reason he or she is trying to get you to stay under them. And if that is the issue, see if you can go around them, but do it carefully! If it's an issue of qualifications, make sure you've got the alternative proficiencies that would substitute for an accounting degree.


I hate to bring you bad news but are applying for a job at a district level and the position is non-union you have little if any chance at the position unless someone in H/R or in the Accounting function wants you. I have seen these positions filled by friends, friends of relatives, and those needed to fill a certain quota. Your work record, skill and desire arent enough to get you an interview let alone the job my friend.


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I am currently in the process of promoting from driver to operations. I am at the "inbox" stage which comes right before the final panel interview. HAs anyone out there been through the "inbox" and if so what am I looking at having to do? I breezed through the computerized test and my initial interview, but I haven't a clue about this "inbox and would appreicate any insight.

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Haven't been through it and never will, but I assume you are talking about the exercise of working through an "inbox" of tasks that sits on a desk.
First look through the entire box before starting anything. A paper near the bottom of the box may completly cancel out several others. Once you have looked through the inbox, prioritze the work and begin to do what you can with the limited amount of time available.


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Around here promoting from within is pretty much dead. HR goes around every so often and asks the same drivers with degrees if they want to 'move up'. After recieving the same negative they hire from the street. My present driver sup. has never driven but has a degree in hotel management, or at least I think that is what she said.