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Hello Upsers,

So I just need to get everyone thoughts about UPS and the direction the company is going. I have worked at UPS for 6.5 years (1 year as an contingent) and for the most part is been a pleasent experience at least for the first 5.5 years. However this last year has been hell. There were things about this company I didn't know and had I known I probably wouldn't have taken the job. I'm a TSG Technician. It's not a bad gig, pays the bills as most gainfully employment jobs do. However with the recent changes at corporate (this tranformation/optimization initative) has produced a very narcisitic mentality when it comes to middle to lower management inluding supervisors.
So let's get into it. Recently we have several changes in my dept that have affected pay and morale. I've been told several times by my manager, supervisor as well as HR that we "work as directed" a term I've never heard of in my 35+ years working as and adult. To be specific executive managment suspended Overtime Pay in the middle of Peak, then made us work against are will on days that we normally have off and in some cases on days that are considered religious observance days (like a Sunday) which the last time a checked is a violation of your civil rights. I was specifically told by HR, if management tells you to do something as long as they don't think it's an intergrity, ethical or policy violaton I must comply and if I don't I'm considered being insubordinate and subject to termination. My boss is forcing me to work this coming Sunday and litterally changed my schdule then told me if I don't show for work it would be considered a No Call, No show which is could result in immediate dismissal from the company.
So my question is this the way it's always been at UPS? Is working as directed just the corporate culture? So management and the excutive leadership (which are not being leaders) have carte blanche and just do whatever the hell they want?

Any thoughts???
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Maybe some hubs that don't have a ton of smalls but not true where I'm at. I'm actually not even in smalls anymore I'm a belt tender on a primary :)