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    I was told that if I want to go up the ladder in (UPS Freight) that I have to become a supervisor before doing anything else. Is that true? I really do not want to go into management. What are your suggestions?

  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are you talking about going from working the dock to driving a tractor?
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    I'm sure they treat their lower management people with dignity and respect just like they do at the regular UPS. On second thought don't even think about going to the dark side.

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    Yes i am a dockworker right now. I'm just talking in general. Not sure what I want to do in UPS yet, just trying to find my options.
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    you can apply to the mapps process and specify for specialist(sp?) that includes the audit teams and w&i etc. you dont have to be a supervisor first. Im sure it helps with upper mgmt though
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    What ladder do you want to climb?
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