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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by BMWSauber1991, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I am on a staggered start in the morning for work because I go to one class. I was asked today to print out my school schedule today for an building wide "audit", it seems abnormal to me they need/want this information from me. I don't know if any other pt sups got asked to print this information off but I will be asking around. I feel as if they don't believe me and are harassing me about it.

    I obliged by the way and printed it out for them, do any of your building have these "audits"?

    I feel as if I should take the matter up with the HR department for harassment if I find out that nobody else has had these "audits"...

    Please send me your insight!
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    What's the big deal? You are asking for "special treatment" and your mgt team is simply asking for proof.

    My preloader is a FT college student with a schedule that varies from semester to semester. This semester his first class is at 10am so he has to leave just before driver start time, which means we sometimes have to close out our own pkg cars. It's not a huge deal and I applaud him for getting up early to work before school.
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    They don't believe or trust anybody. That is why drivers have telematics, management have expense reports and having to sign of on being a non smoker, etc. If this is what is going to break you against this company, you probably wouldn't last too long anyway. Toughen up, don't take it personally and you'll be fine.
  5. Trust but verify...what do you have to hide?
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    If you follow the thread, it'll make sense to you.
  7. Box

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    You were correctly asked to provide your school schedule for an audit.

    From the Hub Audit, Retention Section, Question 5:
    5. What percent of frontline supervisors hired within the last twelve months are active college students?
    Assessor: Audit all frontline supervisors that are assigned to the sort. List the number of supervisors attending college. List the number of supervisors that have graduated. Points will be awarded based on the number of supervisors that were promoted within the last 12 months who are in college. Supervisors should provide current enrollment information from their school website. If the sort is 50% or greater, 1 point will be awarded.

    If you were promoted in the last 12 months, the hub needs your current enrollment information to comply with this part of the audit. It has nothing to do whether or not they believe you.
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