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  1. DatUPSdude

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    Hey everyone. I recently started at a small Midwestern UPS center (I previously was an unloader at a hub over 20 years ago) and of course was asked about being a PT Supervisor. I read all over this site about the pitfalls and all that but will probably do it anyway. I need the money and insurance but will more than likely leave next year because I will move back to my original state of residence. I wanted to at least join this site and thank you for your insight to the current UPS.
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    Hey, if you’re only gonna be around for a short time, might as well. Just make sure you don’t become trapped by that insurance if you couldn’t find something equivalent if you were to move.

    Think if somebody doesn’t immediately need the money or insurance, they might want to wait and see what comes in the new Contract. If 22.4 passes, career Union hourly becomes less attractive anyway. Paid less and no overtime protections.
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    Yeah this isn't an area that I want to stay, and it's also small enough that it would take a long time to advance to FT. I've been around the block a few times so I know what to expect and know that if things go sideways I can always leave.

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    No insurance for a year
  5. eats packages

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    This is different for supervisors but I do not know the exact details, the OP might be able to pay into a plan right away, it likely won't be free though.
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    I was told by the FT sup it was given immediately.
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  9. Nimnim

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    If you don't plan on staying long and you just want more money and insurance I don't see a problem with it. If you were going to be around for a few years I'd say it might not be your best option. I know sups have immediate access to insurance but they have to pay. There might be a bare minimum free insurance but if you have a family you'll be paying.

    Us hourlies have to wait a year for the insurance just in case you were curious what the other post was about.
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    That is not true everywhere; here, it's once you have paid off the initiation. ~4 mo.
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    I don't know if there are any supplement language that changes it, but I was going off the national.


    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    New England supplement. If I remember correctly, its 250 hours.
  13. Future

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    Thought u lived in New Mexico?
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    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    Seasonally yes.
  15. Indecisi0n

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    I heard the only reason UPS gives management immediate health insurance is because most people need a psychiatrist within 2 weeks of taking the job.
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    I've dealt with more insanity than that place will ever dish out, so I think I'll be ok. I think I'd probably scare THEM with stories actually.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    The problem that always arises is when you see co-workers that started when you did start to go driving.
    You then rethink why you made the decision in the first place, being blamed for not reaching unattainable numbers.
    Dealing with the same work area with the same problems with the same excuses with the same restrictions become madness.
    You then notice that you will not move up in the company if someone above you doesn't respect your management skills.
    Eventually you work on your resume to get out while your co-workers are in progression for $40 an hour.

    ************************************END SCENE****************************************************
  18. DatUPSdude

    DatUPSdude New Member

    I thought it out and realized that I won't be around for all that. I absolutely hate the area I live in and this is all a plan to save money and leave. I have no kids so there's nothing keeping me here. The FT Sup was very straightforward and said the same things I've read here and gave me an option. He didn't try to talk me into anything.
  19. 1989

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    Move to the West. Then start your career at ups.
  20. DatUPSdude

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    That's the plan, but I need money to do that first.