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    I am currently in the hiring process for a PT supervisor position with UPS (obviously). I do not currently work for UPS. I have been through a second interview already, and have been contacted that I will be scheduled for an assessment. Does this mean if I pass the assessment then I have the job? Are they having other candidates take the assessment as well? I believe there were three candidates invited to a second interview. Is there more in the hiring process after the assessment?
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    Can't help you with your question, but Welcome to the Brown Cafe......Good luck on selling your soul,to the devil!:teethy:
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    Sounds like to me, if you pass the assessment that eventually will get a PT sup job. If it is not this opening, it will be the next one shortly after. PT sups have a decent turnover, and if they are hiring from the street, then they can't get anyone from within to fill the job.

    And welcome to BC.
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    Best of luck. UPS supervision sucks ass.