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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by RD1, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Do PT sups get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

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    Dont do it
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    Too late, already done it!

    Just need answer to my ?? or i'll wait till Monday to ask HR.

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    Re: PT Supervisor Pay Sched
    I believe it's twice a month (15th & 26th?).
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    P/T Supervisors are paid weekly on Friday.
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    I dont think your a partner yet, maybe post this on the workers forum.
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    PT Sup, best job in the company!!
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    Doesn't matter, the job is a dream position. Do it for nothing.


    First of all, it is Weekly, it used to be bi-monthly and you use to get a half months pay as a bonus every christmas, that went out the window as well as the affordable benefits. If any union employee gives you advice about not taking a supervisor position you should have listened, i made the mistake of not listening 5 years ago, now i have decided enough is enough and turned in my notice, every year my Center manager says youll get your chance to go Driving, every year i get Screwed over, i have one of the best sorts in my area and no appreciation, now they will have to find another B**ch to push around and there will be one dumb enough to take it thinking it is a piece of cake. I took it because i was told i would get my chance to drive faster, well dummy me, i would have been driving if i would have stayed Union and hourly, you have made a terrible decision taking the position unless you are related to a top person, or hang out with the Fulltimers at the gym or go drinking like some in my area do. either way my advice to anyone reading this, stay away from management at all costs.
  10. I think becoming a supervisor was the best decision for me. I enjoy it a lot (as much as one can enjoy their job). There are two types of people in this world, leaders and followers. That's what separates management and employees. It depends a lot on your personality and what your goals are in life. For me, I enjoy being in control, being a problem solver, and not having to do manual labor.

    There is mental stress that comes along with the job, but there is a lot more money and quickly depending on what you're promoted to. If you can't can't handle stress well, this would not be the job for you.

    Staying union is a good route for those who just want to come in and do a repetitive physical task with minimal mental stress (but you do have physical stress). You can make great money as a union worker too, but that comes with time.

    Again, these are just some opinions and facts. Though I'm management, I'm not taking sides. A lot of it is based on your personality and goals in life. I heard somewhere that you can try it our for 30 day and if you don't like it you can go back. I don't know how true that is, so don't hold me to it.
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    it was also the best decision for me. I gained management experience while going to school.

    Blackballed I always told people not to go into part time management if they were really looking for a full time job like you were. your decision was wrong for you but that does not mean its wrong for anyone else. I think the logic you present here shows why you have not had your career advanced.