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  1. RD1

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    Long story short, i applied for a twillight handler position at a local office in Northern California. I interviewed after the tour and the manager said there was some part time supervisor positions available and he would like me to apply for that. Couple of questions i had:

    1) He asked me to send my resume to another recruiter so she can get the ball rolling. Recrutier was out of office and i should be contacted sometime this week.
    2) Once i'm contacted by the recruiter, how long does the process take? I was told i would have to go through another round of interviews. Is it 1, 2, etc? Is there training involved?
    3) Has anyone else been hired off the street as a part-time sup?

    Couple of things to note as i'm sure someone will chime in on why i want to do this and it's a dead end job, etc:

    1) I have several years of mgmt experience, including 9 years at FedEX.
    2) Reason for applying part-time at UPS is to help fund my hobbies.
    3) I would of been happy being a handler but i know the sup make little bit more money and it's part-time, i figured what the heck.
    4) I've managed union employees before.

    Thanks for any insight!

  2. PT Stewie

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    If you intend to fund your hobbies and have time to enjoy them stay part time as a package handler. Do not become a sup. That is assuming this is to be a second job .I made that decesion 10 years ago and have no regrets. Also you did not manage union employees @ Fedex.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He never said that he managed union employees. He said:

    1) I have several years of mgmt experience, including 9 years at FedEx.
    4) I've managed union employees before.
  4. Nimnim

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    Yes you'll have to go through separate interviews for supervision, and more training. You'll also be given more hours to work to go along with the increased starting pay. PT sups are salary for 27.5 hours and they want to make sure you work that.

    Unless you're looking to make this just another thing that looks good on a resume, I'd say stick with package handling. You'll get paid less to start, and have less hours, but if it's only to fund a hobby you'll make the money needed and have less stress to go along with it.
  5. RD1

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    Correct, did not manage union at FedEX. It was at another company managing the teamsters. Yes, this will be a 2nd job. 1st job is good and plan to stay there. Plus i have flexability there.

    Thanks UpstateNY
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    There are alot of post on this subject do a search and look at some of them.

    You must understand that once take a job as a PT sup that is the last job you will have at UPS. You can not go from PT sup to a PT worker. It's not worth the money Pt Sups are used and abused.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    I think you should go for it you have the right stuff. Who cares if you don't have ups experience you'll probably do as good or better than the people who do.
  8. blue efficacy

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    It will take you several years to make what a PT sup makes as a handler.

    You have management experience, including at Fred. I see no reason not to go for a UPS PT sup job.
  9. PT Stewie

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    Yo US I absolutley understood what he said
  10. PT Stewie

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    If it is a second job why put your self thru the abuse and longer hours. I have a full time management job during the day and have been @ UPS 13 years on the twi part time . The UPS/IBT benefits and pension are great. I put 45% of my pay (over 50 yers old) in the teamsters 401K ,$20per week in discount stock purchase and what is left over is for green fees and bait. I am also home at a decent hour. It works for me.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Your answer did not reflect that.
  12. PT Stewie

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    Silly me
  13. Anonymous 10

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    Don't worry about it your more than alright in my book.
  14. Local804guy4life

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    Stay in the union. Why become a part time supervisor? It will take years of politics and abuse to move to a full time position and it's not even a sure thing. Once you do become a fulltime supervisor that's when the real fun begins. You can join the folks here in the Nassau Hub who get abused day in and day out. These poor guys get screamed at like they are children. There eyes are half closed and blood shot it looks like they are from the walking dead. They come into work miserable. I used to strongly dislike management until I learned that it's upper management I strongly dislike. After hearing some of the horror stories about how these fulltimers are abused I feel bad for them. I've seen to many people make the mistake of going into management.

    This is why unions were originally created and are still here to this day. Not to defend someone who is late everyday although we still do have to do that. But to prevent us the union folks from getting abused like the full time management people do. Stay in the union and become a driver. You will have normal working hours and it will take about two years to become full time. And the best thing is you will get what every American is untitled to a break, over-time after you work a certain number of hours, and respect. That's something you will never get as a management person. Good luck with whatever path you chose.


    anyone with Steward after their user name that reccomends anyone taking a PT supervisor position is full of it! any person who has worked for UPS for a few years knows it would be a mistake to become a PT supervisor, stay away from management at ups pt or Full time, you will sell your soul and they will walk all over you, treat you like dirt and feel no remorse! You will have the Money along with the misery! Union Stewards are there for themselves and protect noone!
  16. RD1

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    Thanks for all the replies. I'm moving forward without the pt-sup position. I have to take a test this week and then go for finger printing next week. I'm actually looking forward to starting.

    This is a part-time thing for me. Like I said before, I have tons of mgmt experience including managing in a tough union environment. I think folks that get frustrated and don't have mgmt experience often get the short end of the stick from upper mgmt and employees alike.

    2 questions though:

    1) what are the benefits for a part-time sup?
    2) what type of training is involved?


    Benefits for PT sups get worse every year, i had to cut my family from mine because it got too expensive, i use my regular job for the insurance, the only real benefit is if you work less than your 27.5 weekly hours you still get paid the same, you get 5 discretionary days, your normal vacation and sick days, other than that you get what you get. if you stay union your benefits are a lot better, i was unaware of the other side of the fence until i became a pt sup. 5 years ago and have regretted it since, i have had 6 center managers, it really is not worth it regardless of how much management experience you have, but if you still are that stubborn and dont want to listen to those who know good luck!
  18. Anonymous 10

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    I wasn't saying you are all right in my book to you. I was talking to Ptstewie.