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    Hello, Im 24 and been with UPS since 04. In June of 08 I was hired as a FT driver after gaining seniority and was put on a training route. On my 27th day I clipped a tree branch which was blocked by hanging leaves and it took a small hole out of the passenger side fiberglass on the top right side of the truck. Since it was my 27th day and not 30th the Union couldn't help me out and was just like ur beat. UPS suspended me for a year and after that year was up I had to wait an additional year because more part timers had put their name on the PT to FT list who had more seniority then me. So i waited until I was number one in my center and I was called to work on October 13th 2010 to be a FT driver. In the union handbook it states that a driver cannot gain seniority from October 15th to December 30th. Meaning whatever work I don't from the 15th to the 30th doesn't count toward my 30 days. I'm not considered a casual because I've been working part-time with this company since 04. Technically ups is using me just for the holidays and will most likely send me back to part-time and maybe will hire me back in march but I'm not counting on it because our center hasn't hired a fulltime driver in 3 years. That was a quick summary of my career so far with UPS I stuck with it and now I'm back driving. Now in two years a lot has changed as far as how they calculate how a new driver is performing they now track idle times and have a system that takes how many stops and pieces you have that day and puts together a time you should complete it by. I'm on my 18th day and every morning I come in my supervisor says I'm averaging 15 clicks over. (a click is a measurement of time, 100 clicks are in an hour so I average about 5-7 minutes over everyday). However by 17th day I was 59 clicks over and there was good reason why but it was not fair. My supervisor the following day said you better pick it up because your center manager won't ride with you on your 21st day. (its ups policy that a center manager must ride with a new driver on his 21st day, 2 years ago this wasn't the case you just needed to work ur 30 days and they didn't measure how many clicks u were over or under). Now, back to why i was 59 clicks over. Thursday November 11 I completed 130 stops with 190 pieces and with pickups at 545pm. I was done and was like yes I finally made scratch. (scratch means I completed the work in time compared to their clicks method which doesn't track customer delays or how many times I need to use a handcart) Here's where the problem starts. My supervisor sends me a message at 546pm saying I need to help another driver. I replied ok give me a meat point. He sends back give me a min. So i waited in my truck and 25 minutes later I get a message saying where I need to meet this guy to take 20 additional stops off of him. I finally meet him at 630 on the dot in some parking lot and the transfer of those 20 stops takes about 10 minutes. I complete my additional stops at 714 and I finished (punched out) at 725. Now the following morning i get called to the office saying i was 59 clicks over and that I need to pick it up. I said yeah but I was done at 545 with my 130 stops. He said that additional work u did and the time you waited for us to send to a meet point counts against you. I replied ok and just walked out with intent to relay what I'm saying.g here on this forum to my union. Because this just isn't fair. How is waiting in my truck for for 45 mins waiting for ups to send me a meet point count aganist my time. That's straight bull:censored2:. I feel I have a legit case against ups in case they discipline me that this isn't fair and that this click method is almost forcedng me to rush a little more to get stuff done. I follow every safety rule and follow every speed limit and make a full stop stop at every stop sign and they still say its not good enough and I need to work faster. Reason I'm posting on here is because I'm fed up would the bull:censored2: and want to gain any advice from any active drivers on this site about weather I not I should say something to my steward or union office and what else I should say to them regarding my situation. Any help would be great thank you!
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    First of all, I commend you for sticking it out--many others would have walked away. Most center teams would be more than satisifed with a driver, especially a new one, being only 15 clicks over. As for the day when you were 59 clicks over, this is a perfect example of why I carry a cell phone and, if asked to meet another driver, will always contact that driver directly. The 25 minutes you sat, the 20 minutes it took to drive to the meet point and the 10 minutes that it took to transfer the work was more time that it took to deliver that extra work. If what you have told us here is accurate than I think you have a legitimate beef. I would go in tomorrow morning and if they do intend to discipline you over this I would ask that a steward be present. My gut feeling is that they will not discipline you over this and may have simply been trying to gauge your reaction.

    In the future if you are asked to meet another driver on road ask for that driver's cell phone. Don't wait for the OMS clerk to play ODS tag to set up the meet.
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    That's the thing I was going to use my cell phone but there was a union only member meeting in the parking lot that morning and they said don't use your personal cell phone for any ups work at all. Communicate all work through the diad.
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    And thanks for the reply
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    Kind of hard to read. If you let UPS take advantage of you they will untill you put your foot down.

    Without reading your local rider I think you may have your senority thing wrong. I believe it says that if you are hired or start a new position before Oct 15 which you stated you did you should gain senority in thirty days. If you where hire or started a new position between Oct 15 and Dec 30 than you don't gain senority unless your work Jan 2. This is so all the temp people they hire for Peak can't gain senority. I would read your rider again and talk with a Steward that has been there for a while and or your BA (business agent).
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    ...and you can see where that got you. I consider the cell phone to be another tool that I can use to work more efficiently. I use it to call ahead on COD's and I have customers who call me to get their pkgs early. I am not on it all day by any means but when I use it I do so to save time.

    The Union cannot tell you not to use your cell phone for any reason, personal or work-related. I do agree that you should use your DIAD first but in the case of meeting another driver you will find that it is much quicker to set the meet up yourselves via cell phone. If you let the OMS clerk set it up it takes much longer and you may end up having to drive past the area that you will be delivering to meet the driver. The DIAD does have a feature built in to allow communication between drivers but UPS has yet to turn that feature on (maybe they think we'll BS all day).
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    I work Tuesday through Saturday. I will talk with my steward on Tuesday and figure all of this out
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    First, you will not make your book, from oct-15 to dec 30. You should keep doing what your doing. Show them you want the job. Right now they own you, because they know you want this job. Show them you can do the job, and hope for the be. Good luck ,
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    Thanks everyone. I'm only 24 if Im hired to be a permanent driver within the next two years ill be happy. If i was like 30 I'd be :censored2: lol
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    still I don't understand hoe they calculate these clicks accurately of when I should be finished. some driver ways are long sometimes I have stops where I'm forced to use elevators and customer delays and all that. I bet the CPU doesn't factor in all that stuff. all I know is I'm doing my best and if that's not good enough then o well ill apply to a different center.
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    The very smart men and women in IE figure this all out. They are qualified to do this because they have all done this job and know what it takes. There very fair with there assessment!
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    Don't worry about that which you cannot control. Just continue to do your best.

    As far as applying to a different center you do realize that your employment record will follow you wherever you decide to go within UPS.
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    That is not what the contract says it says if your are hired between such and such dates than you don't gain senority. If you are hired before those dates you should gain your senority in 30 days.
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    Plenty of time. I started at 28 and will still be retired before most people. Never attempt to understand the time allowances. It's one of the great mysteries.
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    ^^ Quoted for truth^^

    I've been driving now for just over 2 years, and when I first started I didn't care about the numbers. Then after I ran a certain route for 6 weeks, my boss would ride me for being "way over" every day so I started checking the numbers to see how way under I actually was. Now I just check them and I typically laugh at my "overage" numbers, they can't discipline you over some BS numbers, so why stress over it?
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    Hi, I understand what you are going through i wish i can help you but i am a new hire, but your blog will definitely help me in the future.
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    OMG !!! An opposing eye !!!