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  1. BrownChoice

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    My question, which can hopefully be answered...

    i know it depends on area, but does anyone know if as a part time pre-loader ,
    Im also a utility driver that works saturdsys and have been for 1 year.. When i am doing shuttle work, does ANYONE KNOW the correct pay rate? Is it 12.50 or top utility rate?

    do the raises we got in february add onto the utility rate of pay if still in progression? Does that matter?
    ive looked at contract, read it at least 3 times.. I just need to find out if im getting screwed.. Maybe someone can answer the questions...

  2. BrownChoice

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    With so many views, im afraid to answer my own question with a big fat NO ONE KNOWS
  3. PT Car Washer

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    I believe you would be considered an air exception driver under Art. 40. If you are shuttling ground misloads around to regular drivers to deliver just take the money. You should be getting an increase of $.50 after one year of Sat. driving. $13.50 at 18 months and top pay after 24 months. Right now top pay for me is $24.74 plus the $.70 raise after the contract is settled. Another $.70 next August. May sound like peanuts now but you are half way there. One of the best jobs at UPS in my opinion. If you deliver ground or do ground pick ups UPS pays you top driver rate. $32.29 an hour in my area plus the raises. Read Art. 40.
  4. barnyard

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    You should ask your shop steward and is he/she does not know, ask him/her who would know. That why, the person that knows can ask the other questions to determine if you are an air driver or a ground driver. Big pay difference.
  5. BrownChoice

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    I asked the shop steward, but he did not know.

    my main question is, as a utility driver, did the raise we got in february, should that have added on to the $12.50? Or do you only get raises AFTER the 2 year progression?
  6. UPSGUY72

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    You only get the yearly raise when you finish your progression.
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    Thank you, sir!
  8. PT Car Washer

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    What is a an utility driver?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We call them casuals----they are drivers who do not have a FT bid position who work when needed based on area knowledge. They do not have a daily guarantee. Our center will sometimes let those casuals who used to work on the inside work the preload or metro to get their hours.
  10. PT Car Washer

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    How did that get into the contract? OP said he was a PT preloader and drives air on Sat. and shuttles packages during the week. Sounds like Art. 40 air exception work to me. Most of our Sat. drivers do the same thing. We do not allow temp. drivers.
  11. BrownChoice

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    I am a pre-loader, signed the pt utility driver bid sheet. Went to school, came back and stayed on pre load. At 8-8:45 i find out if im needed

    It actually can become a very lucrative position because of summer vacations and PEAK, a high seniority utility can earn 60k plus a year. I always take the work i can get, and ive already made more up to october 1 than i did all of 2012(before utility). So with peak, im expecting to make about 8-10k more this year. :-)

    not a bad PART TIME gig, you can refuse work when needed... Making even 50k-60k a year, id almost consider not going full time pckge... And have a life?

    ​is this what you do pt carwasher?
  12. PT Car Washer

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    No, we do not have utility drivers. Work part time in car wash and pick up extra hours in the morning doing Art. 40 air exception work. Extra hours shuttling misloads around. Cover some ground pick ups in the PM and all the morning work is at top driver pay. After that if I have been working all day I either ditch the car wash or stick around. Helps a lot that the center also controls the car wash. As long as I am around to help put out their fires they don't care what I do on the car wash. Also have 36 years seniority PT. Also do Sat. air with pick up's a lot of the time.