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    Do more reading than posting on here. Preloader just called who was hurt at his 2nd job and has been out for weeks w/ broken shoulder blade etc. Has filled out necessary paperwork from doc (we have cent states) and ups is threatening to take his bennys thoughts on how to keep them....
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    If he was hurt at his other job, it should be filed under workman compensation. His other employer should have to cover the costs. Not his UPS insurance.
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    He does landscaping by himself
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    Let them threaten. Sticks and stones...
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    Define weeks. Exactly how many weeks has he been out? Does your local have disability? Did he apply for it? Did he apply for the FMLA? (Family Medical Leave Act)
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    Sounds like he was/is using his UPS coverage to pay for an injury received while being self-employed on a 2nd job. UPS sees this as a clear-cut worker's comp case and does not want the insurance they are paying for to pay for this injury.

    If that is not the case. Then he should apply for FMLA. I was out for a month with pneumonia a couple of years ago and would have had to do FMLA if my Dr would not have released me back to full duty.
  7. PiedmontSteward

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    He should file for short-term disability and/or FMLA.

    PT'ers are not (yet) covered under Central States, they are in a company plan that requires one (1) punch in 30 days to maintain health insurance. Insurance will NOT be continued and the employee WILL be put on COBRA coverage if they take a personal leave of absence. I've never dealt with a "medical" leave of absence (I received a notice from UPS a while back when I had a workman's comp injury recommending I take medical leave or FMLA) and as a steward, I always recommend FMLA or short-term disability, which ensures your coverage will be maintained.