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  1. HardknocksUPSer

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    Hi, was wondering if anybody works a full time job outside of UPS and may be able to tell me what kind of FT job you do outside of working PT. I currently work two PT jobs but am thinking of taking on a FT job while working PT at UPS as well. I work preload which means I don't get off of work until 9 and most FT jobs don't like that. I would prefer to be getting off around 5PM from the FT job if I can find one that fits the current schedule.
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    You might be able to make it work on preload, but I don't recommend it. That doesn't sound like a fun way to live; the PT'ers I know that work FT elsewhere (40+ hours) and work local sort at UPS are always miserable or have attendance issues

    Are you in a center or a hub? You could always try and transfer to local sort to get more hours (depending on your building) and work the same PT side job.

    For the last several years, I've been able to work from home for a few different companies anywhere from 10-20+ hours a week so my total week never really exceeded 45-50 hours (except during peak, where I was clocking 85+).
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    I landscaped. Usually 20-25 hours at ups and 50-60 landscaping.
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    Transfer to Twilight shift.
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    I often manscape !
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    I work in a center, average of 38-40 routes. I work preload currently because I get more hours, typically 4.30 each day while I barely get 3.5 if I go to work local sort (reload) there are atleast 4 other PT guys in my center that work full time outside of UPS but nobody really wants to, it's more of a have to thing. It's hard to find good paying PT jobs, I want to get ahead not stay afloat.
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    I would if I could make more than 150.00 a week, that ain't :censored2:
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    I've thought of landscaping, I'm so allergic to poison oak/ivy/sumac that I don't know if it would be a good idea, I can look at the stuff and get it, even get it when I don't see any of it around. Going to try to look for a job doing "busy work" in a A/C building nothing too hard, just steady if possible.
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    Try working at a bank.
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    I'm not good with math.
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    How about a security job?
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    It's all computerized now.
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    He's not good with authority figures.
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    Try being a server or if you're old enough a bartender...don't have to work a ton of hours to make decent money in tips...I'm ugly and I sweat a lot so neither of those were an option for me...I worked 50 hours a week in a warehouse then went to twilight shift after
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    I'd be willing to bet that if you stopped drinking you would sweat a lot less.
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    Been sweating a lot since I was 10 years old...TTKU PETE
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    Will I don't know where your from but some places are at 15 for min now. You just got to put applications in places and hope their willing to work around your schedule.
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    I work in a (CENTER) with a satellite run and only 30-40 routes, think I'm anywhere near a 15$ an hour McDonald's job? Lol