Public awareness the key to reforming ups

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by saintteamo, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. saintteamo

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    Every effort must be made to get the public informed of areas of reform needed at ups before ups gets any worse .
  2. tieguy

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    How'd she get her posting right back?
  3. saintteamo

    saintteamo Guest

    why would the right to post be denied to st teamo who is a ups customer, stockholder and former employee? Reforming ups through posting the raw truth about ups is not a threat to the stockholders. there is room for reform and profit too.
  4. lr1937

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    I think the Saint may be an Ewave clone or ewave him or herself. Gooooooo Ewave you POS.
  5. my2cents

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  6. lr1937

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    I just read the instructions and folded me a AFDB. I got the shiny side out and believe I am shielded from the heferdust fallout from the Saint. Thanks for the Alert 2c. If the saint continues I may have to make a pair of AFDB shiny shoes. It could get deep. 2cents is my savior and hero.
  7. my2cents

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    I can't stop laughing! I'm awaiting and hoping for Saint Team Zero's return from parts unknown.
  8. over70lbpkg

    over70lbpkg Guest that's funny! Haven't thought about that fool in months!!!
  9. sally

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    sticks and stones...why is saint teamos posts blocked again? dont you encourage discussion even if unpopular tops mgmt? saint teamo is a stockholder, ups customer and long time former employee whos opinions should be heard and open to discussion. I thought it said this board was not owned by itr run by close minded people that are puppets of ups ?
  10. bob

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    right on little sally
  11. dannyboy

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    Darn, now saint elmo is talking to himself!

  12. badhab1

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    Nothing unusual. He always has had a captive audience of one.
  13. tieguy

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    good one Sally Teamo. Thats teamo's latest scam trying to present her as a stockholder who is trying to reform UPS. Teamo makes Pinocchio look like an amateur
  14. dannyboy

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    Ive heard nothing but bull about you and St elmo being a customer, stockholder and a long time employee. ITs time to put up or shutup.

    Lets see what you consider long time employment