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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by tuknick, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. tuknick

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    Due out on the 22nd. Any ideas?
  2. peacock71

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    I believe we will make our numbers on the high side of the range, show that volume is returning, albeit slowly, from the strike threat, show good growth in Air, Intl and Logistics. Above all, however, we will show an amazing ability to manage costs and planned expenditures. The future is very bright.

    Go UPS![​IMG]
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    UPS will web cast a conf call on OCT 22 at 10 am
    if any one is interested I will post inx on how to access the web cast.

    Also I read that UPS did not protest another
    US Post volume discount for Capital One.

    Can you say Monopoly ?
    This is the same nonsense UPS sued Deutsche Post over in Germany.

    Just curious as to what yall think.

  4. rualroute

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    The conf call is at 10am est., but the earnings will be posted at 8am est.
  5. retired

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    Q3 2002 United Parcel Service Earnings Conference Call
    Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002 10:00am ET
  6. proups

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    Prediction: It's not going to be good. The volume diversion hurt us. It may be coming back, but look for the stock to fall.

    Fourth quarter is where we will make gains.
  7. tieguy

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    I might be too optomistic but I think we will still do well.
  8. peacock71

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    How the quarter is presented will be important to short term shareholders. For us longs, the fact the shippers diverted in Jun/July will have minimal material affect. I think volume has picked up substantially in Sept and will continue through Dec...hope the weather holds out...

    Go UPS!

    Go UPS!
  9. robonono

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    The direction of the overall market on Tuesday will also have a tremendous effect on UPS's price - not just the actual 3Q results.

    Let's hope that UPS announces good results on a bullish day. [​IMG]
  10. upscorpis

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    .51 per share, .03 below consensus. Combine that with lowered guidance with the upper range .01 below current 4th quarter consensus and we're in for a rough day. At least MIP recipients will get a lower price when shares are alotted. Gotta look at the bright side.
  11. robonono

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    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) slipped to $62.70 on Instinet, from its close at $64.18, after the the world's No. 1 package carrier posted a rise in quarterly profits on increasing revenues and cost-cutting. Still, those profits missed consensus forecasts of 54 cents a share.
  12. thedrooler

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    The knives will be sharpened like never before and the cost-cutting will begin and will be painful. IMO.

  13. gsx1990

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    I think domestic volume continues to suffer.
    Alot of people in here underestimate FDX ground.
    I don't. They continue to take away volume from
    UPS. UPS was built on domestic ground, and our
    base is being dented and chipped by the competition.
  14. gsx1990

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    You can only cut costs so much. We have
    the highest paid employees in the industry. We
    are going to have to pay the price for that....

  15. retired

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    I don't think that you can blame the higher pay scale at UPS for the weak economy. We're not the only ones that are struggling, in fact UPS has held up relatively well in comparison with the overall market.

    The union's posturing cost us some business as customers moved over to competitors. The irony with the union's strategy is that their scare tactics lose volume which is required to create the additional union jobs that they say that they want so badly. It's a predictable sequence of events at contract time. Maybe next time they will be a little more sophisticated and stop waving their guns in the air to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.

    The company is clever to predict lower numbers for the holiday season, then anything over that will be a "surprise" and boost both the immediate stock price but more importantly the analysts opinions.
  16. robonono

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    UPS's honest appraisal of our 4th Q prospects have further drawn down our stock price. Unfortunately, if the ANALysts don't lower their expectations to meet our estimate, we will see the same major hit in 3 months.
  17. kjones514

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    gsx1990, have you ever tried to get by on 43 bucks an hour?
  18. gsx1990

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    No, I havent. But I'm sure you would complain
    about it if you made that amount. Nothing is
    ever enough is it! I can't believe what slave
    masters those UPS nazis are!!!!