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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Justin0828, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. midwest brown

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    On Friday just about every sup as well as my center manager were working. If I'm looking to get paid for the work they did, but unsure of the actual hours they worked, what should I put down if anything since I did not witness all of it.
  2. packageguy

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    see if you can get to a pre loader ask around, I would ask for 3 and half hours They is suppose to be a call in list, with top seniority driver down. Good luck...
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    Ok didnt know about the driver call in list
  4. grgrcr88

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    First you need to find out if they went thru the list of all qualified employees and asked them to work. If all options were exhausted you will not have a winnable grievance. If you decide you have a grievance, go ask the sups that worked for a copy of their timecard.
  5. Dracula

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    Just ask for however many hours you are capable of working...all overtime, of course...
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    What if Im a full-time driver but I dont have a cdl. Every day for the last month a sup does 1 pick-up with a tractor. He always has an hourly with him. Are they trying to call this training when he does it with random, whoever is around. I dont have a CDL so I cant grieve that work?
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The hourly is there because the sup can't work alone---if you have more seniority than the hourly, yes, you can grieve it.
  8. grgrcr88

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    If you are not qualified for the work you cannot grieve for the pay. You can however let someone know about a sup working that is qualified. If a sup is working with an hourly it is not a violation as long as both are not working at the same time. If they are taking someone that is not qualified and you are senior to that person and both are on strait time you could file for the extra work if he got more hours than you.
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    1st-- is a tractor required to do this p/u or is this just the vehicle the supervisor decided to use? ie; can a 24 footer or a ten cube do the job?

    2nd -- if you don't qualify to do the work, you can still file on behalf of the qualified person who should be doing it

    3rd -- ask for all hours worked by that supervisor, or state the number of hours you think they worked and let them produce a time card to dispute your estimate.

    4th -- check your local supplement for possible penalties above and beyond the master language
  10. happybob

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    File for all hours worked by all the sups you witnessed working. The union will decide if they want to have multiple employees payed, i.e one hourly payed for one sup working, ten hourlies payed for ten sups working. Of they could decide to pay you for all the hours all the sups work. In many cazses if you witnessed them working part of the shift you will get paid for the entire shift. All depends on how your local handles sup working grievances.
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    Are you senior to the hourly he is taking with him? Does the hourly he's taking with him have a CDL? If you are senior to the other hourly and he doesn'thave a CDL then you will be paid. If he has a CDL you wont, since they will say he was qualified and you were not. Contact your steward and let him know whats going on, since it sounds like this is Feeder work that should be done by Feeder personnel. If he's taking a tractor trailer unit then I'm sure the work wont fit in a 24' box truck, or he would have it done by a package car driver.