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    I found this thread by accident while searching for a link to a UPS school. I have been trying for weeks to find where UPS is training and hiring the people who answer the phones for customer service. I know they are at home workers because when ever I call about a shipping question I can hear the lady's dog in the background. I tried to ask her but she just ignored me. Are there positions such as this at UPS? Where do I apply as there are never any listings at the employment pages? Do any of you know anything about a position like this? Thanks in advance for all the help. I currently drive a school bus and need to make a carreer change
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    Thats the supervisor barking in the background.

    I know of 2 call centers. Tucson AZ and Greenville SC because these are the ones that always call me, I'm sure there are more I think different centers handle different reigons.
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    I believe you have to move to India to answer phones for UPS..
    (or in prison)
    Because from my own customers experience they have said
    most seem to be from India.(or some far away place
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    The call centers are not operated by UPS any longer, I believe, so the customer service people are not UPS employees. We used to have our own call centers until they consolidated about 10 years ago. I worked in one until they consolidated and we were told that they were being managed by another company, but I don't know the name of it. There are at least 10-12 call centers throughout the U.S., the last I heard, maybe more now. The next time you call the 800#, you might want to ask that person how to get hired and where they are located.
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    Just thought of this, a lot of our customer counters start hiring temporary employees in November for peak season. If you are seeking a clerical type position, starting as a temp is a good way to get your foot in the door. I started as a temp, was hired after 5 months and have been with the company for over 17 years. If there is a UPS center in your city, check with them to see which temp agency they use for seasonal help.

    You can also search jobs online at

    Good Luck!
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    the information call centers are more than likely located at some prison or over seas. not joking
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    Thanks for all the help. There would be little chance of a call center near where I live. I really think they are home based. I will continue looking but thanks for the answers
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    If there were some other OMS's to pipe up I know there are more call centers.

    When the call the center they identify themselves as so and so from the (City, State) CSC (customer service center) everytime they call. I talk to them 2-3 times a day.
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    There are about 8 Customer Call Centers in the US, and a couple oversees. The oversees ones are only for oversees calls, they ARE NOT outsourced. I know because I am a UPSer who used to work in the application group that supports the software used by the call agents. All the agents report to the Call Center.
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    Hello, it's me again:
    I looked up the locations of the domestic call centers for you. They are in Greenville, Highpoint, Johnson City, Newport News, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Santa Maria, Tampa, Tucson, and Las Vegas.