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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Kis124, May 31, 2014.

  1. Kis124

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    Currently I'm training to do cover work in our customer center. I was given the choice to be paid my rate then OT after 5 hours if I also work my preload shift, or on those days I can be paid 22.3 pay for a straight 8. My question is, do I get credit for full time of I choose the latter, and if I make 30 days doing that will they make me full time automatically? Or will that just mean I make full time book automatically after I go full time (assuming I ever make it)?

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  2. upschuck

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    If you are vacation covering, you do not gain seniority after thirty. It is extra work. I think the person who works CC coverage here, gets her PT rate for 8 hrs. Be leery about the 22.3 pay, because they would probably put you in the start wage category, and not top rate(?).

    They are giving you the option to work preload/cc or just cc? Won't they staff as to who is on out for the day?
  3. Kis124

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    I'm covering for call outs, vacation. Next week I'm starting preload at 4:30 and then doing CC from 8-1:30. Yes, I'll have an hour lunch in there. Starting 22.3 pays more than my rate anyway lol

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