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    I recently applied to UPS because I found out they were hiring part-time package handlers. When I reached the end of the application I was taken directly to a page where I scheduled an appointment for a group tour at night. I showed up, dressed how I was told to dress, etc and the HR manager led the tour. He seemed very chill and gave the impression that as long as we said we could do the job we would likely get the job. At the end of the tour he asked us which shift wed prefer and scheduled us for a second interview automatically later that week. I showed up to that one too, talked to the HR manager again and after some basic questions about whether I can do the work and etc he told me they would be calling people when they found out exactly how many people they needed, and it would be approx 1-2 weeks. It is also worth noting that I have no job experience which seems like it won't be a dealbreaker based on how they reacted to that information.

    So here are my questions. Do you think it is likely I will get hired? It sounded like they would hire you as long as you showed up to the interviews, dressed appropriately, and were ready to work, but I also got the impression again that it is based on how many people they need so if they have more applicants than necessary will they only hire a lucky few randomly or will they hire as many as possible thinking a few will quit anyway? And my last question is in regards to seasonal hiring. I believe they said if you are hired after May 1st you will be seasonal and can be rehired if you do well and they need you, and if you are hired before May 1st it will be permanent? Did I get that right? Thank you.
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    If you've completed two interviews and you've maintained interest in the job, almost undoubtedly you'll be offered employment. That you lack job experience will not hurt you - UPS is a first job for many people, myself included. You may be called into the job next week, or it may be several weeks from now. As this is a high turnover job, UPS traditionally continues to hire well into the summer. As you've completed the application process now, you should be near the top of the queue.

    As far as seasonal... seasonal dates vary by area, but almost universally end after Labor Day. If you've worked hard and done the job well, you'll be kept. In some buildings you may work without interruption, in others you'll wait until the Holiday (called "peak") season, which begins in late October/early November. Quite honestly, UPS gets so desperate, it takes ANYBODY who wants the job ... so even if they didn't really want you, you'll be offered a job -- unless you have significant attendance issues, severe performance issues, etc. Note that for many new hires, it's common to be laid off/"on call" in September & October, and then again from late January-April. This can continue for several years... for example, in 2012, my building had guys who'd been here for 5 years not working in February-April. However, in 2013, we've increased staffing and thus guys hired just six months ago worked without interruption. It's a very YMMV thing.
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    Which shift did u say u prefered?
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    Night, which they said would be anywhere from 10:30 PM to 4 AM for 3 1/2 to 5 hours
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    Thank you for the answer. Although I sincerely hope they don't temporarily lay me off like that... could screw a lot of things up if I'm not getting paid for a couple months out of nowhere. I want to go to school, too, so hopefully they wouldn't stop paying for school like they said they would.
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    The fact that you wanted to work the Night Sort, along with getting that second interview, means that the chances of you being hired are pretty good. Just bust your ass so they don't let you go, don't wait to be told what to do, show up on time every day, and gut it out even when you're sick.

    Good luck completing your probation.