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    Ok, seriously we all know the contract passed nationally, I am part of local 705 as we mirror national it will pretty much be the same.
    My question is this, EXCLUDING the following: Feeder, package car, part timers, and porters. Just talking about 22.3 combo's why is the contract bad for 22.3's with the exception of no more 22.3's for the next 5 years (which is bad enough) IMO. I would like to hear from management and union, anybody?

    I know the pay gap, I guess what I am asking is can I lose my job? Can it be taken from me and me being thrown into lets say package car or back down to part time, or am I locked in until I retire?

    Also since they will not be creating any new 22.3's that means I am stuck in the same position until I retire? I cannot rebid a position if it isn't posted? So if I retire/quit/go away they will not rebid my job? Thats what we are hearing can this be true?

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    Well....they will not take away your full-time status. No need to worry there. You may at some point need to go to package...though who knows?

    In New England, the 22.3 jobs are rebid on the yearly (2 now) rebid. Most if not all of the part-timers who originally bid them when they were created are all in package now as the 22.3 was available at the rebid to any full-time union employee bidding.

    Obviously the senior package drivers gobbled them up.

    The 22.3 jobs can be moved to other centers and operations as long as they are not taken away. So that being said...there will always be a chance you could be in package but probably will never see part-time again. At the very least in this contract.

    So...I'm not sure what your changes in the Master are....but our 22.3's are treated like routes at every rebid.

    Hope it helps.
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    The next bid will be for 1 year, starting in 2009 it becomes a 2 year bid.
    Not a lot of older drivers will be taking the 22.3 jobs, not unless they can afford to take a pay cut if the become air drivers or take inside/ inside slots.
  4. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member's a two year rebid this February, absolutely true. The Union allowed this prior to the contract even being current.