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    Hi all,

    I have been a part time air driver for 4 years now and recently became a full time package car driver.My wage for air driving is $24.74 hrly.What should my wage be when I start package car?I looked at the contract and it says that I should be "red circled" until my wage progression catches up.To me this means that I should not have to go through a full progression all over again.In fact,my wage should remain at $24.74 until 3 years and then become top scale.Does anybody have insight into how they work this or know anyone that was in a similar situation?
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    You are right----you should be red circled at $24.74 for the full 3 years until you reach top scale.
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    Was the Part-Time Air driver your primary Job? Or did you do something else such as pre-load? If your primary job was something other than a PT Air Driver, I'm not sure, but I believe it is that rate which will be "red circled".
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    We had an ODC girl that drove on Saturday go full time driving and thought she should get air driving rate. After a couple months payroll said no and wanted all the overpay back.
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    You will start package car at the lowest progression rate. 16.10 is it? If not, I suggest you speak up, because they will likely take whatever overpaid monies back.
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    As an article 40 part-time air driver, employee completed a part-time progression (2 year, art 40) To become a FT package car driver, you enter a new FT progression outside of the Article 40 (41).
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    Article 40 is 1 big concision from the 1980s.
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    Air driving was my primary job.I did the airport shuttle Tues through Friday and Saturday did a package route.I was a preloader before I got into air driving.
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    I was red-circled at my air rate when I went through full time progression. Air driving was my primary job (I bid and won the position). Was the best part time job I ever had.
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    ok i work with ups freight . i have been promoted to full time in janaury of this year and i am getting paid incorrecty and ups freight has denied my claim;however it states in the contract that i shoul dbe getting payed a certain amount which is 16.75 as a new hiree and 17.25 after senority. that are only giving me 14 an hour. you can look tghe contract online. upsfreight national union agreement. it states in article 26 page 49 the wages i should be making the union this is out of the contract

    c. Employees entering a full-time Local Cartage job after ratification August 1, 2013 (whether promoted from casual or as a new hire) shall be paid in accordance with the following progression when performing jockey, helper or dock work: 25 Start $14.63 $16.75 Seniority $15.68 $17.25 Twelve (12) months $16.72 $18.25 Twenty-four (24) months $$18.81 $19.55 Thirty-six (36) months Top Rate $23.40 Forty-eight (48) months Top Rate