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    Hi just join this forum "Greetings to Browncafe members", I just got back from my tour/interview and I dont think it went that well lol I just wanted to know if I should fill out the "Please complete all the documents listed below before your next scheduled appointment time." additional documents online? it wasnt there before when I scheduled for my appointment. I just notice it when I signin today... should I just fill in the information or wait for them to call me back after they do my background check any help would be appreciated.

  2. wow I got the tour on my second interview, but anyways I had to complete certain things online before I went to my second interview (basically "heres the tour and you're hired you start tomorrow" lol). Go ahead and fill it out. It doesn't affect anything about your first interview its just so your all set ("paperwork wise") for your next interview once your bg check comes through.
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    I didnt know there were 2 interview.. does all UPS applicant have to go through 2 interview? The HR just told me that I met the qualification and they just need to do a background check and gave me the "we'll call you" line. I hope the HR is not bsing with me lol I'm anxious to get this job because it work in with my school schedule which I plan on starting soon even though I know that the job is hard working. They mention that a lot during the tour and interview I didnt hesitate to think twice because I like to get my hands dirty and break a sweat its for the preloader shift. My question is when should I call the HR to check on my application status? Thanks to this forum I ask for the HR business card I notice that its hard to get a hold of them through the 1800 number.