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    I know that working more than 5 hours automatically turns into time and a half but what if its split into more than one shift. I work during the day sort shift which gives me just under 5 hours each shift but what happens if I also work the twilight shift in the same day. Does the second shift add to the 4+ hours i already worked or does it reset?
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    I think it's over time at 8 when you double shift but I dont know call the union
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    If double shifting, it is indeed after 8 hours.
  4. hondo

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    Read your contract supplement & ask your steward. It varies by supplement (see replies #2&3).
    Around here, the second shift does add to the 4+ hours you already worked, and it is all OT after 5 hours. The only variable is when the shifts are on 2 different days as listed on the company's operation reports, say you normally work Twilight then double on Sunrise. Around here the Sunrise shift is considered the next day, you work straight time on Sunrise (let's say you work 4 hours), and then when you come back for Twilight you start OT 1 hour into that shift. The few times I doubled it was basically insignificant, moneywise, when calculated that way. But double check with your union steward or business agent if you think it would make a difference in your favor.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Here if you double shift it is OT after 8. If it were after 5 they wouldn't let anyone double shift.
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    Must vary by supplement because we receive OT after 5 hours in one day regardless if you double shift or not. With our screwed up preload quite a few day sort employees our double shifting almost everyday. Work PT and make as much as a FT driver.
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    It goes by supplement. Here if you's all OT after 5 hours.
  8. All OT after 5 hours in my center. Only reason I'll double shift.

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    Its all OT after 5 hours in my center also. If your full time, then OT is after 8 hours.
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    Listen. F this double shifting. They need to create a new ft job if they need part time employee to work 8 hours or more. File a grievance. Like I've said before. Work this bs pt job for the benefits till you can find what you really want to do in life to be happy. Trust me. Ft anything here you won't be happy. So good luck, use this pt job as spending cash and benies. And strive to be great in life. And most importantly happy. Happy 4th!!!:4thbouquetsmily: