Question about Part time cover driver 30 days.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Eric_1, May 14, 2013.

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    I drove in Oct 2007 I think starting the 2nd week in Oct (not sure it was a long time ago) till the end of Christmas. After 2007 I got a full time at a printing shop working local sort at UPS. I was to low on the sonority list to remain part time cover driving every year. I am going back out this year as I thought I was first on the list. But now my sups tell me November December don't count towards a part time cover driver getting his 30 days. So I never got it.

    My local union leader told me no...30 day is 30 days and your sups have things confused between a fulltime driver and a cover driver. I can still see my rate on UPSers from my paycheck but only starting the week ending Nov 17. I made $17.29 an hour. Which if you look it up the starting wage was 16.10 and seniority was 17.25. So going by my rate does that mean I got my 30 days? Or am I screwed, having to go back through my 30 days and being right on the boarder getting it in before the new contract hits and my rate drops. I'm going out on the 4th and they tell me its very solid this year. But I could only get laid off 3 days and still me 30 before August 1st.

    Also it reads 30 days in a row without being laid off. Well that is impossible for a Temp driver because we don't work mondays till after Thanksgiving.
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    I think it's true that the months of November and December don't count towards seniority. I started on October but didn't officially get seniority till 2013. What supplement are you on where they pay you 17$ an hour. Where I work my part time cover driving rate is 27$ an hour even when I was still on probation. I'm in the southern supplement so TCDs get 85% of top rate.
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    I recently checked into this when a higher seniority cover driver that started driving years after me got his 30 days in during peak. Your union leader is correct 30 reports is 30 reports. In the wording in the agreement it does talk a little about reports during peak time, but, that is for getting your time in for full time. He got his 30 days in and is now highest seniority cover driver and I am #2.
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    I'm in the Atlantic Area supplemental. This was back in 07 last year a temp driver made $21. Wow you guys make 85% better deal then us.

    One of my sups told me he'd contact payroll. That was a week ago, when I asked yesterday he said he hadn't heard from payroll but he's read the contract and i didn't get my 30 days yet.

    Ive read that entire 08-13 contract, which doesn't actually apply here. I can't find any wording at all on part time cover drivers. This is frustrating as this puts me #2 for now and no one seems to know the facts.
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    Ok, I found something on this. The 30 in 90 Nov-Dec doesn't count. But I already had that as I waa hired July 07. The only thing it say about part time cover is .... Section 2 5. Any employee who completes the 30 day qualifying period as a regular temp driver shall not have to complete it again.

    It says nothing of Nov Dec not counting. I guess i gotta go to another sup and ask them to contact payroll because I don't know if the other one did or not. It's been a week. How long does payroll take to sort stuff out?
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    Stop contacting the company and get the union involved. The company will continue to string you along.
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    Its 30 in a 90 day period except Nov and Dec. If you start before Nov. all time counts to your 30 working days. If Nov. 1 or after none counts. File a grievance right away for every day that a junior employee works for the time that they work. Let your BA do his job. Management is not always correct. You will when and get paid and management will learn the right way. File for each and every day or at least every 5 days each time remember the 5 day and let you shop steward help.
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    I started cover sept 2009, didn't make 30 days by November, got laid off the last week of December. They tried to pull that crap November and December don't count. I put a grievance in place about it. You are not a newly hired employee for peak season. 30 days is 30 days. I got back pay for all the Time a less senior driver drove while I was laid off.
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    I started my 30 days last August and they worked me 30 days straight including Mondays. I hear a lot of other drivers getting screwed on their 30 days in my center though. I think it has to do with how good your on road sup is, mine made sure I stayed on same route for thirty days straight. Had drivers trying to bump me but he did't let it happen, since I was in my 30 days. Like others said, you gotts get the union involved. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    Thanks guys, I'm going in and talking to a supervisor that I've known for a long time, and ask him to contact payroll for me. I dont think the other sup did. He said he would and when i asked a week later if payroll got back he said " no but I've read the contract you gotta go back through your 30 days"

    I took this as, he never took the time to contact payroll. My union leader said step 1 is contact payroll. I'll let you guys know when I've proven to them that I already got my 30 days in as a temp.