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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BrownTilly, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. BrownTilly

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    I was told by someone that I would be paid time and a half for anything past 5 hours in a day.

    Is that true?
  2. brownmonster

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  3. UPSGUY72

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    You will hard ever work more than 5 hours unless they ask you to work preload and local sort than if you work more than 8 between both shifts you only get OT for time over 8 hours.
  4. BrownTilly

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    I work 8 hours a day during peak. I thought during my first 5 hours I make 1.)$9.50 2. $9.50 3.)$9.50 4.) $9.50 5.) $9.50 and during the last 3 hours hours...6.)$14ish 7.) $14ish 8.) $14ish.

    Do I not make 3 hours of time and a half each day of peak? around 15 hours of time and half total each week?

    My paycheck for first week of peak does NOT reflect this...
  5. UPSGUY72

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    If you work more than 5 but less than 8 you get time and a half for for that time over 5hrs. However if you work 8 hrs or more than you only get time and a half for the hours work over 8hrs.

    If you can't understand that here is a example.

    If you punch out and worked 7 hr and 59 minutes you get time and a half for 2 hr and 59 min. If you punch out at 8 hr and 00 min you don't get time and a half. If you punch out at 8hr and 5min you get time and a half for 5 min and 8hr of strait time.
  6. BrownTilly

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    Jesus Christ, UPSGUY..... thanks for the input

    I really wish someone told me that....

    . That really pisses me off.
  7. UPSGUY72

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    Your welcome

    IF you work more than 8 hrs a day your consider FT for that day that is why they only pay time and a half over 8.

    So keep it under 8 and you will get time and a half for time over 5.
  8. BrownTilly

    BrownTilly New Member

    So why don't I clock out before exceeding 8 hours then? Should I?

    What do other preloaders do? I was expecting a check of $400 or $500. MINE WAS ONLY $325!

    The one thing that appealed to me about peak was the EXTRA money...What can I do?

    I get paid more for 7 hours and 50 minutes than I do for 8 1/2 hours....
  9. BrownTilly

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    Oh okay....thanks man.
  10. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    If I was working PT I would punch out before 8 hrs but that is me. Either by not volunteering for extra work or when they ask if anyone want to leave early say yes.
  11. browngrunt

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    This is wrong UPSguy.

    I have triple sorted working 16 and a half hours in one day.

    Got paid regular for 5 hrs and overtime for 11 hrs and a half.
  12. JonFrum

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    The rules for when you get straight time and when you get time-and-one-half are spelled out in your regional Supplement. They may differ from area to area.

    Here in New England you get time-and-one-half after 5 hours if all the work is on your regular shift.

    You get 8 hours straight time if you are scheduled to work 8 hours, or if during your shift, you agree to work on another shift after yours is over.

    You probably would not have the "option" of intentionally punching out at 7:59 just to trigger the time-and-one-half-after-five-hours rule.
  13. Nimnim

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    Yeah, I've never had a shift go much more than 6, but if I work a double and there's any sort of break in between, even 1 minute, it then goes to 8 hours and then OT.