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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by aaapunk, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, first time poster on the forum and nine year employee at UPS. I am having a bit of an issue with my full-time supervisor and was looking for some clarity. Last week I went to my part-time Supe and asked for him to put in for one of my vacation weeks. I told him that I wanted to work the scheduled vacation week, and take five days off over the next two months. I have no more Sick or Optional Days and need off a few nights, so rather than callout I wanted to give them notice. This practice had been allowed before in my hub, and I did not believe would be an issue at all, yet he told me he needed approval from the full-time supervisor. The next day he told me my request was denied and did not give me a reason. So I spoke to my shop steward, who told me that I could put in for a scheduled day off without pay. I went back to my part time Supervisor and explained with the steward had told me. Again, he said he needed to run it past the full-time supervisor. Well tonight I was told that my request was again denied, and that scheduled days without pay were not allowed. The full-time supervisor said he would be in tomorrow night, and if I wanted to I could speak to him with the shop steward. So I plan on speaking to him but I was wondering what grounds I have to stand on. Is this an issue that varies per department or hub? Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    NONE. You can't split up your vacation week to take 5 days here and there unless your contract say you can. Does your supplement / rider say you can do that ??? if not your SOL. Your going to have to call in sick the days you need off.
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    Would this fall under past practice sinceit was done for me last year? Also, I have spoken to other supervisors in our hub who have told me this practice was common place. Any info on scheduling a day off without pay? Thanks
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    If you need time off for personal or family medical reasons, Article 16, Section 6, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) will get you the days you need.
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    FMLA would not apply in this situation.

    It sounds as though you may be out of luck.
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    perhaps he could/can mold these days off to be FMLA related! Be creative!! BC
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    ...aren't you the same one who advised a member to file for comp as it is "free money"?
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    Past practice won't apply to this issue. It is up to the ones who can choose to follow the contract or not. We do not have that power. They do. I don't see how you will win this one.