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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to this forum and UPS...been there for about 6 months as a loader. The question I have is I'm a college student, and I work in the daylight hub, the more classes I need to take to graduate are offered during the day...when I work. Also, I'm just not happy doing daylight anymore because of the people I work around, etc. etc. It's making me pretty depressed and makes me want to quit UPS actually. :dissapointed: I think i'd be a lot happier and it would make more sense for me to switch to sunrise. I can do the work, i've been told by numerous supes that I CAN do my job and I DO do it well. I just can't take the environment i'm in currently. Anybody ever switched shifts and have any insight as to how I could get the ball rolling? I'm looking to do it before summer.... Also, anybody who works sunrise, when do you sleep? Cause I'm trying to figure out how that would work if I did switch.

    Thanks guys!
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    If your building has a twilight or night sort, you might consider that, too.

    Sunrise, you would probably be doing a different job, as this shift is typically focused on loading package cars.