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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hiro, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. hiro

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    Can an employee be fired for intentionally sending damages/leakers across belts?
  2. hondo

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    An employee can be fired for anything, including the sun coming up. What's important here is if the employee will stay fired. Why do you ask?
  3. LKLND3380

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    What is the proper method for handling damages or leakers? This is what will be addressed at the panel hearing... If you INTENTIONALLY did not follow methods, your BA will probably not even waste their time on this...
  4. scratch

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    Why in the world would someone intentionally do something stupid like this? We have too many damages now, why add to them?
  5. UPS Lifer

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    The "intentional" part of your question will lead to malicious and wanton destruction of company property. I am sure you could also prove a safety hazard because leakers are generally haz-mat and are treated specifically as a dangerous good. Remember - don't touch-clear area-notify supervisor. This person could be putting employees in harm's way. It would be pretty hard to claim ignorance if leakers are intensionally put on a moving belt.
  6. They throw leakers in the boxline all the time. I'm always getting called "Hey there is a leaker in bin so and so" and my response is always "Who the **** put it in the bin!"
  7. Big Babooba

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    Has this person received proper Hazmat training? If he/she was not properly trained (and it does sometimes happen) and "intentionally" send damages/leakers down the belt, how can they be disciplined? In their own mind, they have done no wrong, they were doing their job.
  8. Joopster

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    You can intentionally send it and deny seeing it leaking. Unless it is SUPER OBVIOUS.
  9. Fnix

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    Nothing like sending a tape up of boxed paper while unloading to the sort and when the guy pick it up the paper falls out of the bottom. :happy-very:
  10. magoo57

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    Blue/Brown, when do they send the leakers into the boxline? If it is during the morning shift,oh well! gotta stop the boxline for a suspected hazmat!Maybe then the supe can catch a clue. If it is not a hazmat, take a pic of it and send up the chain of command.
  11. dillweed

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    Safety first is great in theory and they spend lots of time and money teaching us the proper way to handle things.

    However, theory goes out the door when production is slowed down. Shutting the system down for a leaker isn't good for the bottom line so management often sticks it in a tote and hauls it away. Obvious hazardous leakers are treated properly but but the unknowns disappear without a hazmat responder.

    Most of us in the sort aisle are good about keeping leakers out of the system. We do send boxes with bits of shampoo or other non-hazardous slime on the outside. It will be distributed among the other pkgs as it squeezes through the chutes.
  12. The sorters do it all the time. And then someone calls my name "Hey we got a leak in bin #85 middle" so I stop the boxline and get my gloves, apron, etc and always as soon as I get started the idiot sup starts screaming "Start the boxline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so then I take my sweet time cleaning it up.
  13. LKLND3380

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    Always wear your PPE....
  14. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    The only way you can get fired is to get into a fist fight with a supervisor or manager without being provoked or caught stealing something. Otherwise you can try to lose your job and would have a difficult time.
  15. magoo57

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    Blue/Brown. I would let the supe know that it is his responsibility to have the spill trays for his area at the ready when he starts his shift. And to make his people USE them. If he doesn't then tell him to take his complaints and work as slowly as you fell is neccessary .
    When did we supes get so fragging arrogant?