Question on changes to my Direct Deposit


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What’s up guys so I’ve been using direct deposit at UPS for the past 4 years now with no issues. Normally I’ve had the $ sent to my savings but I recently changed it so it goes directly into my checking account instead. Now normally in the past I’ve received my direct deposit at approximately 11 pm on Thursday night (PNC bank). But since I made the change of my account number (last weekend) this current paycheck hasn’t been delivered. I’m wondering if because I changed my account # I have to wait a bit and get live checks for awhile til it goes through? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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There is usually a gap between the time your old direct deposit info gets deleted and your new info gets setup. You’re more than likely going to get live checks for a pay period or two. I’m assuming you changed your direct deposit info online. There was some fine print on that online change form.
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Check with an office person to see about a live check. You should also check your savings account, it might still be going there.