1. D

    COLA is a 33 cent adjustment to top scale

    I’m going to walk through the contract and math so that we’re all able to be on the same page. The following two paragraphs are the determining factors for the cost of living adjustment (COLA): Summarizing Article 33, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ‘COLA is based on CPI-W, published by the BLS...
  2. A

    PT - Academic transfer out of state

    25 years old, Been a PT package handler 5 years now, looking to go to school and work where my entire family relocated in Florida, i currently work in California. i know my seniority would go to the bottom with an academic transfer as it should, but does anyone know what would happen with my...
  3. B

    Transferring from one facility to another?

    Hi, new to this site and a pretty new UPS employee. I was just wondering how I would go about transferring to another facility. I was informed that the best way to get a transfer would be through my education. I do plan on enrolling in a school this fall in another state and wanted some more...
  4. meritocracy

    US executives enjoy extra corporate jet perks under Covid
  5. T

    40 days passed and still don't make book

    I was hired on August 28th as a preloader and was told i would make book after 40 days. It has now been 2 months and when i asked my supervisor about making book he told me that i wont make it until January because apparently you can't make book during peak season.
  6. B

    Take your full lunch break

  7. B

    UPS Gear and Goods for Employees

    Who uses eBay or amazon for ups certified and non certified goods? what’s your most popular or favorite ups gear? I was trying to buy a traditional basic Bennie or cap but limited stock and options. Now waiting on call back. Last year at peak one coworker shared a few items and I was...
  8. R

    Ups Intent to Terminate

    Hey everyone! I am currently a pre loader at UPS and have recently got an intent to terminate. It happened within a 2 week span. I first got a warning on Monday last week for waking up late, and then one on Friday for the same reason. I then bought a new alarm and this Wednesday it didn’t go off...
  9. P

    Paid Sick Days

    How many days can we call out sick in a row? Is it 3 and then we need a doc's note after that? Or can I take Monday and Tuesday off, then Thursday and Friday? I'm just wondering because I called out sick for the first time ever and my supe said I HAD to come in. Which is ridiculous since they...
  10. T

    Can I work at both UPS & FedEx at the same time?

    So, I have a job offer from both FedEx and UPS to be a package handler for them. I am a current college student, so of course I'm looking for a nice job for the money. My UPS facility is offering me a $14 an hour job from 12-430pm Sunday-Thursday, and the FedEx facility is offering $15.50 an...
  11. O

    Amazon executive was killed after colliding with a van delivering the company's packages, report rev

    This article is so sad, but needs to be a wake up.. Amazon executive was killed after colliding with a van delivering the company's packages, report reveals
  12. J

    Question on changes to my Direct Deposit

    What’s up guys so I’ve been using direct deposit at UPS for the past 4 years now with no issues. Normally I’ve had the $ sent to my savings but I recently changed it so it goes directly into my checking account instead. Now normally in the past I’ve received my direct deposit at approximately 11...
  13. J

    First Two Weeks Still no pay.

    So i did Monday-Thursday cornerstone training, Friday on the actual work floor. the second week Monday-Thursday worked on the floor and Friday i came to work but was told i wasn't scheduled because Monday i am being transferred to the UPS i was hired to work at and i was only at this current one...
  14. myreqoil

    Working at UPS and Amazon at the same time?

    I've been working for UPS for over a year now and id like to get a second job. I wanted to know if working for Amazon while working at UPS would be "conflict of interest". I don't want to risk losing my job at UPS .. would it be a problem to work at Amazon as a second job while employed with UPS...
  15. U

    Background check for pt supervisor

    Hello I have a misdominor on my record but I’m still in court fighting it. I haven’t be convicted for it. But it does show up on my background. It’s not for theft it for delaying a peace office by not showing him my Drivers license. Do I got the job or not?
  16. N

    Questions about back pay for former employee's

    Hello I was employed by UPS as a package handler for almost 3 years. Two years was spent in NM and I had to leave the company for about 4 weeks because I moved to TX and had to re apply and restart my seniority/lose my benefits, however I did about almost 7 months before I injured my back. (of...
  17. Heyump

    Where are the best hubs to work at?

    Where are the best hubs to work at in the united states? As far as opportunity, union support, and technology? Just a part time loader here with a couple of years under my belt, but I'm genuinely curious as to what the common oppinion is...
  18. U

    Is hiring freeze affecting my transfer

    got apprived for a transfer. Im a part time preload sup. Is the hiring freeze affecting
  19. Team89

    UPS Supplements

    I have searched and searched for new info on the supplement contracts. Everything I find on BC keeps flip flopping on topics. Does anyone have a solid answer on the current state of our supplements that have not been voted on? I know TCI is ratified. Have Central PA and West/Upstate NY been...
  20. U

    Why do you all do it?

    I don’t know how you all do this every’s like walking into a prison in there