1. cardboardallergy

    Do we have to work Saturday? My center is saying ALL DRIVERS do.

    My center is saying all drivers must work Saturday up to 3rd in seniority. Is this true?? I am supposed to be visiting family Saturday, also I have 7th in seniority at my center. Guess I’ll just shut up and go in if I have to but it really sucks. :robot:
  2. J


    I’m a 0300 but low on the seniority list. Will I be grandfathered in M-Friday if they get rid of the 22.4? Or will I have to take whatever schedule they put us on by seniority?
  3. Y

    Back to Browns?

    Background: -Worked at UPS as a PT package center supervisor for 4+ years. -Did package center, helper coordinator for a peak season, some on-road but never went to Integrad. -Mid Twenties Would you go back to management? Go to Union, work in the hub? Be a driver? Even go back to UPS or look...
  4. B

    Will it ever stop? The numbers game continues

    Is your hub cheating the numbers! Will this ever stop?..same packages going in circles for days, as well as many other concerns which effect everyone’s safety from start to finish. Don’t let me start with the returns issue with big partner accounts.
  5. N

    Fired for Harassment

    Can you be fired for harassment without knowledge of a complaint till the day of being fired? If you get taken in and told an employee said you made her uncomfortable and also picking up something that fell and she is saying that she didn't want help to the employee? An employee that was...
  6. B

    Homeless and struggling

    I've been a sorter for UPS for almost 4 years now. I dont mind the environment and the people are great. But recently my family (mother, grandmother, and i) were evicted from our property and have been homeless since early February. After spending a month in a motel I couldn't afford it anymore...
  7. U


    Hello! I'm wondering if there's a possibility to work at UPS but in GB as mentioned at the topic?? I'm brokerage admin ass. I and I don't want to quit job but probably I'll have to move out of my ctr. soon. If not, does anybody know if there's a chance to apply at the same position at least??
  8. U

    Driver Terminated for Alcohol.. Lawsuit?

    Hi guys, So my friend was recently terminated after an employee claimed to observe him drinking alcohol. The coworker also stated that he had said something about beers in the vehicle. The coworker of course reported what he claims he had seen to management. My buddy says that when...
  9. L

    Part time to combo

    So recently, I just went combo and I'm basically doing two hard jobs back to back. Their are other people who went combo and they were about to stay in their original area for twilight and went somewhere else for midnight or just stayed in their original area for both shifts. I found out, that...

    Transferring Hubs within the same Union Area

    Good evening (or morning depending on when you see this), I'm wondering the procedures for transferring from one hub to another. I've already checked the other threads on this but they're all a decade old, and so I'm hoping people have some more up to date information on the matter. I've...
  11. D

    Number to warehouse

    Give me the Number to burstonsville hub plz! I need to talk to my ex manager and i dont have Number😢😢
  12. D

    Ups certification

    Where can i get Number to burtonsville hub? There is no Number on internet and i called ups they dont have it in the record.. i need sometype of proof ive worked there.
  13. D

    COLA is a 33 cent adjustment to top scale

    I’m going to walk through the contract and math so that we’re all able to be on the same page. The following two paragraphs are the determining factors for the cost of living adjustment (COLA): Summarizing Article 33, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ‘COLA is based on CPI-W, published by the BLS...
  14. A

    PT - Academic transfer out of state

    25 years old, Been a PT package handler 5 years now, looking to go to school and work where my entire family relocated in Florida, i currently work in California. i know my seniority would go to the bottom with an academic transfer as it should, but does anyone know what would happen with my...
  15. B

    Transferring from one facility to another?

    Hi, new to this site and a pretty new UPS employee. I was just wondering how I would go about transferring to another facility. I was informed that the best way to get a transfer would be through my education. I do plan on enrolling in a school this fall in another state and wanted some more...
  16. meritocracy

    US executives enjoy extra corporate jet perks under Covid
  17. T

    40 days passed and still don't make book

    I was hired on August 28th as a preloader and was told i would make book after 40 days. It has now been 2 months and when i asked my supervisor about making book he told me that i wont make it until January because apparently you can't make book during peak season.
  18. B

    Take your full lunch break

  19. B

    UPS Gear and Goods for Employees

    Who uses eBay or amazon for ups certified and non certified goods? what’s your most popular or favorite ups gear? I was trying to buy a traditional basic Bennie or cap but limited stock and options. Now waiting on call back. Last year at peak one coworker shared a few items and I was...
  20. R

    Ups Intent to Terminate

    Hey everyone! I am currently a pre loader at UPS and have recently got an intent to terminate. It happened within a 2 week span. I first got a warning on Monday last week for waking up late, and then one on Friday for the same reason. I then bought a new alarm and this Wednesday it didn’t go off...