Question on UPS Freight Agreement Anyone able to help me clarify

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by skippy17, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Article 5, section 1 Seniority part (d) I am understanding that as your seniority starts at hire date, when a bid comes available, you bid according to hire date (I don't see anything on if you change classifications ex. road to city or city to road) Just that you bid in whatever classification you are in at that time, according to hire date (not change of classification date) am I reading this right?

    Section 4 Posting (b) Is this one also reading senior person to hold bid first according to hire date?

    I guess what I am getting at is I see nothing about your change of job classification as far as bidding, it all looks like all bidding is based on hire date?
  2. Dalamo

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    when we bid here in central florida it goes by classification seniority if a local cartage goes to the road he is at the bottom of the list no matter the hire date. pretty much the hire date is for vacation bid and god forbid layoff
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    You bid according to hire date within your classification BUT if you switch classifications, say from PD to Road, you go to the bottom of the cannot jump over other drivers even if you have more company seniority. hope this helps
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    These answers are correct.We have a driver that was 2nd or 3rd in seniority on p&d, he decided to go line to make more money. In doing so he went to bottom of board for line and now is struggling to get any work. THANKS TO OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS.

    I have a question, how does management ( freight ) at your terminals decide who works and who doesn't with low freight volumes. There are 2 terminals in my area ( motor cargo and overnite I really wish they'd combine us and get it over with, I am so tired of this us against them mentality ) and how they decide at each terminal differs. Just wondering how it goes elsewhere.
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    I don't know how they work the freight. It seems to vary daily according to terminals, some have lots of other terminals coming in to move freight while that terminals drivers don't get out?? It's all crazy anymore.