Question Regarding Raises, and Union Fees

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    Getting a little confused, I know the union fee goes up every time you get a raise, but I am a little stumped. 3 weeks ago, I was at $13.35 a hour, I'm a part timer by the way, and my union fee was $8.25 per week. Now Im at $13.47 per hour which makes no sense because aren't we suppose to receive 70 cents a year? I usually get a raise every may, and then again in august is the pattern I've noticed over the past 4 years. Anyway, I went up 12 cents per hour. Last week, my union fee was $8.50 which I knew was coming because of my raise, but this week, that we get paid tomorrow, I just checked online, and now my union fee is $9.00 and I'm still at $13.47. Now, if I go back, and check every week for the past few months, my union feel is always changing... why? Another thing is, I have access to my buddies online account and he just received a 99 cent raise from last week to this week, and his union fee did not change. Can someone please shed some light on this? Why was my raise so small, and why did my union fee go up 75 cents from only a 12 cent raise? Should I bring this information to my Shop Steward?
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    It sounds as though you received a Cost of Living raise (COLA) of $.12
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    So does that mean this COLA doesn't count towards my actual raises? Then again, it's June, and I would of received my normal first half on my raise by now.
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    I'm not sure if it's the same where you are but in Upstate NY our split raises are being diverted to the pension fund for the duration of this contract (and perhaps the next). We did get our COLA, which was $.12, which leads me to think that you also received a COLA raise.

    The COLA is in addition to any contractual raises.
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    Was everyone supposed to receive a cost of living raise? Or does this vary by state?
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    My understanding is that those in a state of ignorance do not get COLA.
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    This was only for full timers. Part timers voted for a different schedule
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    I'm actually in south florida currently :P

    but, like I said, I normally get my raises in may and then in aug, so if the COLA raise is in addition to my real raises, then I should of already gotten one of them, and I didnt
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    I prefer ROOT BEER anyway.
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    Did you just complete your 5-year part-time progression in May? If so, you probably got last year's 12-cent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). It is paid only after you complete your 5 years of progression. It becomes part of your hourly wage rate from now on. There is no COLA this year (August 1, 2012) since inflation wasn't high enough to trigger the formula.

    Find out if all part-timers pay the same monthly dues amount, or if the dues rate is 2.5 times your specific hourly rate, or three times, or whatever. Locals vary. If your dues are paid weekly, take the monthly amount and divide by four, since you probably pay it for the first four weeks of each month.

    The General Wage Increase for this last year of the Contract (8-1-12 thru 7-31-13) will be 95 cents. 47.5 cents payable on August 1, 2012, and 47.5 cents on February 1, 2013. Hence the term "split raises."
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    Good information to know, I just completed my 4th year this past may, so not sure whats going on. I've always gotten half in may, and half in aug, but i guess all I can do is wait to aug, and see what i go up.