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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bolshevik, Nov 25, 2013.

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    So at the Ontario hub they are asking those of us with higher seniority if we'd like to come in later, aka staggered start times.

    In my belt, they are not going by seniority. I am 2nd highest in seniority, and while they asked me about it I know they have not gone by seniority. But that is not my issue. My issue is that when cutting people towards the end of the shift, they claim I've magically lost seniority. Since I have willingly accepted a 2 hour stagger on start time (coming in at 9 rather than 7), they claim I dont have seniority so I must stay the whole shift.

    I know this is not true, especially if I have already hit my daily minimum of 3.5 hrs. But to be honest I am not to clear, so any explanation is greatly appreciated.

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    Everyone here is on a stagger, and they did this "first in ,first out" crap for a long time.

    It's all BS to get around seniority. Past practices here is seniority gives you the right to work, or not to work. It's not in the contract but it's the way it's always been done, so at some point someone successfully grieved it. So now when people need to be cut, they start asking with the highest seniority person regardless of their start times.

    Ask a steward about it, because chances are it's not in writing.
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    2 hour staggered starts? Here the unload starts 5 minutes before the preload, which makes sense.
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    2 Hours is a heck of a stagger, but we've had a similar issue arise recently in my hub. Those who stagger are still guaranteed their time and if they're working after the sort shuts down and people are being cut those that have hit their 3.5 are cut before the stagger who hasn't.
    I would imagine that if everyone has reached their guarantee and no one is on OT then it goes by seniority and ability. Management wants to cut people before they hit OT and if someone started 2 hours before you they only have a half hour after you hit 3.5 before they hit 5.

    Gah, the issue of wanting to leave when you're staggered puts a wrench in the standard union thought of highest seniority gets to work when others would be getting more than the guarantee or OT.

    Though while trying to reason this I reread the OP. If you are scheduled to start later you do not lose your seniority, that's generally a rule that goes into effect for people who show up later than their scheduled start time.

    Bah, this whole thing is better asked of someone in the Southern Cali area. I think View Profile: The Other Side - Brown Cafe - UPS info for UPSers and View Profile: LagunaBrown - Brown Cafe - UPS info for UPSers may be able to answer your question better. I know the two of them are at least in California.
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    If the operation is "overstaffed" (UPS' definition and the union's definition are probably oceans apart..) then management is supposed to ask employees if they want to go home -- in seniority order. It makes the most sense from the union perspective (seniority gives the right to work or right NOT to work) and from the company perspective (higher seniority PT'ers typically make more in wages than their junior coworkers.) You aren't "required" to attain your 3.5 hours if you don't want it, it's there to guarantee a PT'er at least a 17.5 hour week.

    Even though every one can benefit from a voluntary/unscheduled day off every now and then, PT'ers regularly refusing their 3.5 hour guarantee and going home while supervisors do their job instead is one of the most irritating things about being a PT shop steward.
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    Our local does not follow the "right to not work" part. They've obviously cut a deal with UPS.

    I.E., when it comes to over-staffing and offering days off, they will not go in seniority order; supervisors will offer the days to their friends and buddies, first. I've been dealing with this for years and the union's answer is "why are you complaining? seniority gives you the right to work, but not the right to not work".

    These are people in the same work area and same assignment.