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Does anyone know what or where I should call to ask questions about the retirement program. I worked for ups for about 7 years and moved on. I tried to pull what i had out of retirement to put in my current 401k they said then that i can't do that. I worked from 96-2003. Should i be able to pull that few dollars out? And put it where I want to? Any help would be appreciated, PastBrown


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You didn't say if you were union or non-union, but you said you had asked about taking your retirement and putting it into your 401(k) and you were already told no.

First, not all 401(k)'s allow rollovers, in addition, your pension is only paid out early if it is below a predetermined threshold and if you were already told you can't take your pension for a rollover, you must be above that threshold.
I'd like to know the answer as well. I no longer work for UPS but I had almost 20 years in as non-union administrative. I'm guessing ex-employees lose their access to as well.

How do I inquire about my pension/retirement?

How do I inquire about verifying my past employment at UPS to a potential employer? Any special UPS policy on that or an 800 # to call?


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Freeloader, as a general rule, when you leave UPS they send you your pension information within one year. Your pension is a defined dollar pension, so the information they would have sent you after you left won't change.

When it comes to verifying employment, they can call: 1-800-367-5690 and the employer code for UPS is 11463.