PT supe yes, FT supe I don't believe so. Unless you're an on car supe as those seem to be non union drivers these days...:wink2:


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A fellow at our center was moving from pt to ft sup but had to drive first. He liked it so much he stayed on as a driver and has been happy as a clam ever since.


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I was a part time supervisor for 3 years. I became a driver and stayed that way for the last 8 years.
PT sups go driving before they can become FT sups
My intention was always to stay driving
Most of the hardcore union drivers didnt believe me

I was lucky to have a good relationship with the center manager at the time Its very difficult to become a FT driver this way

Its worked out awesome for me

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They are usually the the ones hired "off the street." I personally am against it. I think drivers should only be hired from the pool of hourly employees. It doesn't make since to bring someone in from outside or from the supervisor side when there are plenty of people waiting in line for the jobs already. I think outside hires should only be aloud in the unlikely case where none of the current hourly employees don't want the jobs.