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ok where do i start hopefully someone can answer my ? i have 4 years senority i started on the local sort worked for 2 years then got a air route, and have done that for 2 years we had 5 air drivers for the longest time way before i was even hired in n e wayz, we had 3 am and 2 pm i was a pm driver for 2 years. about 1 year ago one of the am drives broke her ankle and has been off for almost a year well she now is coming back on mon jun 9 and they have decided to only use 2 am 2 pm i have the least senority so they told me on fri jun 6 that i was getting bumped off my route and she is going to work the pm (no one saw that coming) but it happend. so i know that u can get bumped but i guess my ? is can they just eliminate a position like that all out of the blue, and what are my options, do i lose my air senority will i have to bid back in if they decide to go back to 5 drivers can i bump pre load or re load and if i do will i lose pay because i am at top rate and i can not go back to making that low pay and lose about 6 hours a week. i thought this was a good job but i guess i was wrong what can i do.


if there isnt a need for the 5th driver they can get rid of the route, just like any other driving route. You should keep your senority and be able to bid back into the position once it opens up. the wage thing i believe you "senority" will be transfered t top rate of the sort.....Id check with you steward/ba for more specificd for your area and recourse if any. Good luck
That sounds right to me also. I might add that you should be the cover for vacations and such until they go back to 5.



If you are a part-timer with four years seniority, you will be paid as a part-timer in his fourth year of progression for the job you are actually doing, probably $12.25, not the Air Driving Rate. Unless there is something in your Supplement that I don't know about.