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    I got a question about transferring my job. I currently live in MA and looking to move in with my mother in florida. Is there anyway to relocate my job there? A waiting period?, certain reasons people wouldn't be allowed to move. Any and all info regarding this would be awesome thanks guys.
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    I had brought the same question to my management team, and they told me there are no transfers... you would have to quit, and then try to be rehired wherever you want to go... are you full timer/part timer
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    More likely than not, you would have to resign your position here and re-apply in Florida. I would go to first to see if there are positions available at the hub(s) closest to your mother. If so, apply and, if there is space available on the application, briefly explain your situation. If there is not, there should be contact information available for the hub in Florida which I would use to explain your situation. Transfers are generally for educational purposes only.
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    Before anyone tells you to look at previous threads under the topic of "transfers," the answer in one word is no. UPS allows transfer within the districts, but not out of state. I had to quit after twelve years at UPS and start all over again when I moved. 8 years at preload before my number came up to go driving. You have to decide if it's worth the wait.
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    no way jose. no transfer for hourly employees. you would have to resign then reapply and start over. only provision is for change of operations clause i.e. they shut down your center and more it elsewhere.
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    What position are you in now?
    Bargaining unit or non-union?
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    I thought you could transfer if you were attending some type of schooling? I can remember someone transfering out of our building and kept his PT status at a facility where he moved to. I could be wrong.
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    PM, educational transfers are permitted but I don't think the OP is transferring for that reason. Although he didn't say it, I have the feeling that he is moving to assist his mother, whether for medical or financial reasons, neither of which are any of our business and I apologize if I crossed the line by saying what I did.
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    Upstate, I don't know why I didn't see your last sentence!! At least I wasn't too far off.:peaceful:
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    Well there is the hardship transfer..But I've heard theyre hard to get done
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    So you have 12 years and 8 years in?

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    After this last peak I was determined to move from Northern Califonia to Seattle. I figured AWWLLL I had to do was put in for a transfer, like a couple of the kids have done since us being @ UPS.

    What I found out from my H.R. guy there are 2 ways to go about it.

    1. You could quit your job and just hope you can get re-hired in Seattle. You'd lose all your benfits, (would have to wait it out another 18 months), your seniority, (I'm 13 on a list of 53, 40 due to recent layoffs) and your payroll would start all over again. Not sure if anyone knows this but people that work for UPS in the state of Washington are making $8.50 an hour...minimum wage is $8.55.

    2. UPS offers an education program for their part-timers. If you were to enroll in just 1 class within ANY college, wouldn't matter what the class was, attended or even if it existed they would honor a transfer.

    Transfers are only honored within the district that you are currently working in. So transfers do exist. It's just crap that @ 40 years old I would have to enroll back into school...
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    Talk to your Human Resources(H.R.) person... ~:->>>
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    A guy in my center was pt and put in for a transfer to Florida to live with his new girlfriend. He enrolled in school and was accepted, moved to Florida and went to school for a month or so. Broke up with the girl, moved back and was out a job because they wouldn't let him transfer back. I can see why the company doesn't like to do it. He now lost six years with the company and hasn't reapplied.
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    What? Was she the only single gal in Florida?
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    Florida; Loads of people move here, loads of people move back home again.
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    Stay in MA. thers no better place to be than with New England weather and of course DYLAN DRYER from channel seven news { whdh } wow is she smoken!!!!
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    no one is stopping you to move to fl. But where are you gonna work?
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    I have always heard that they like to employe people from maine because of our work ethic
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    LOL, you can't move here either, I'd only have a couple of friends up yonder if that were the case:wink2: