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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by trucker12, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. trucker12

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    I am looking into a full time supervisor position and had some questions for you guys with more experience.

    I am a little worried about what will be offered as the starting salary. Is there an average amount that supervisors start at?

    Benefits? Will my health insurance go up?

    Bonuses? How do these work? Are they yearly?

    Car? Do supervisors get a company car or a car allowance?

    Thanks for your help, your answers will make my decision much easier!
  2. toonertoo

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    I dont know much anymore, but my sups make less than me, hourly. I do not know how many hours they are salaried on, but mine easily work 50. They may not work, but are required to be available, in the building. No car, just mileage. They pay a ton for their benefits. Thats what I think to be true.
    My vote would be NO.
  3. packageguy

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    Don't jump the fence it's not like it was. I hear supervisors say it all the time "I SHOULD OF STAYED DRIVING" it's not worth it. good luck I hope it works out for you.
  4. trucker12

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    Does anyone remember what the milaege rate is? Does it at least make it worth it to be putting all of the extra miles on your personal vehicle? I will get all of the details soon it is just nice to get everyone's advice, thanks again.
  5. hondo

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    I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut, that it's the standard IRS amount.