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    1. I was reading about unions and read that by law, I don't have to be a part of the teamsters union and I can still work for UPS. If I cut my membership with the teamsters union, could I really end up getting killed by organized crime officials?

    2. Back when I first got hired(a little over a year ago) my co-workers(teamsters) were mad at the management for something they did and they were all working slow on purpose. I, however, was going fast because I was new and didn't want to get into trouble. I remember someone yelling out "scab!", but at that time, I didn't know what it meant. Is it common for members to get upset and management and reduce production? What consequences could I face for working hard at times like this?

    3. I've been told by several people since I've been hired that join management sucks and that I should stick with the union. Later I found out that those very people were trying to join management. Do most teamsters tell newer workers this to try and keep them from going into management so that they have less competition? Wouldn't it be nicer being in management(better pay, simply watching the labors work, better benefits)?

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    1. If you are in a right to work state, you don't have to be in the union, nor do you have to pay dues. If you are in a non-right to work state you still do not have to be a member of the union, but you must pay dues regardless.

    2. A work slow down is a common tactic that is used in situations against management, and sometimes can be very affective. Other than being harassed there is nothing that says you must honor a work slow down, and if management can prove that you are participating in such a practice you could be disciplined or terminated.

    3. The choice to enter management is a choice which each person has to make on there own. Keeping in mind that management will try and make you believe that being on the side of the neck tie is the greatest thing going.
    All I can tell you as a 25 year UPS hourly is turn and run, don't listen, run very fast.
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    1.Yes, you could get killed by organized crime officials. Remember, this is 2007 and TV dramas are real.

    2.You will face absolutely NO consequences for working hard and crossing picket lines and being a jerk. Buddy up to management whenever you can!

    3. Yes, it IS nicer to be in management than to be in Teamsters. Teamsters ALWAYS tell people wrong things!

    Good luck. I respect your attitude!
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    Did I detect a bit of sarcasm in that post?:tongue_sm
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    The union is like home or car insurance,you dont like paying the monthly premiuns(dues, in the union case), but you never know when you might need it. Ive been with UPS 22 years. In the 1997 strike 7 drivers crossed the picket line. Those 7 drivers that thought all that b-hole kissin was going to get them somewhere got a big surprise. At the time I was a shop stewart, and it bothered me greatly when I had to represent these 7 drivers, later after the strike. 4 of them were fired for accidents. 2 had lengthy suspensions for late air , misscans, etc. The last one end up quitting. The center manager in our center,even had a low opinion of them also. Hey Guys and Gals, nobody wants a strike, but if we do. Lets all stick together.
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    First of all, the union/steward could get fired if he/she called for a slow down, but there is absolutley nothing wrong with encouraging people to work safer, by doing all the correct methods, which is how we should do it everyday.

    You want get killed for not being in the Union, but if you get in a bind, and aren't in the union, how much do you expect them to do for you, since you do not pay what the others in the bargaining unit pay?

    Sure go into management if that is your desire, but remember this, once you do you have no support if they decide to fire you, and they can do so without much reason, as you are under no contract or the NLRB by and large.

    If you think you want have to work and everything will then be cake and ice cream, go ahead and enjoy.

    In the nearly 20yrs I have been with the company I have seen only 2 make it to retirement, the rest quit or were fired, or had the option to resign or be fired, so play the odds if you want to, and I wish you well which ever way you decide.
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    I think someone is yanking our chain:wink:
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    Cole, I don't know what part of the country or size of area you are in, but I'm thankful I don't work there. I've seen quite a few guys retire from driving, a lot more than just two. I've seen more get fired, promoted, or go out on disability though. Its tough work, thats for sure.
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    I meant management guys, since he was talking about going into management.

    We have had many many hourlies have make it to retire. As far as hourlies I have only seen 2 fired fulltime. Several part-timers who got caught stealing.
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    You tawkin to me?
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    Can people really go to prison for stealing from UPS? I know it's a felony, but prison time for what seems like a small crime. Personally I would never steal and I would turn in another teamster, reward or no reward.
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    Yes, stealing is a crime, and sometimes the merchandise is quite expensive, plus the whole intrastate commerce thingy etc...The law still apllies to petty larceny, and Grand Larceny.
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    At UPS, stealing is an act rewarded with promotion, especially if you just turn in Teamsters. Yes, sarcasm intended.
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    Yes, I liked your response. (no sarcasm intended!)
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    Don't forget about the plaque and raise that goes with stealing.:wink:
    Mike Eskew made CEO for his constant thievery of doing nothing but collecting a ck:lol:
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    OMG too funny!!! BC