quick career path question ..? input welcome

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    well I've been at Ups for a little less then a yr now ( about 9 months ) I took the p/t supe route and after we wrapped up last friday was asked by I'm guessing the head on-car and driver supervisor ( not sure of her position ) If I was interested in switching ove to driving and that we could make it happen with peak season coming around and she offered me help with learning stick and all I nwould really need to learn stick for is the test but would be able to use auto once i became a driver.

    She seems to be really looking out for me as long as I been here . Thats the one thing I try to do .. be on good terms ith everybody .. never burn any bridges ...

    good idea or no ..?
  2. Fnix

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    Go for it. As a driver you're most likely able to stay longer then a PT Supe.
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    yea another thing i frogot to add if somehow i didnt pass the test or whatnot .. would i be union or back to mngt..?
  4. User Name

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    If you would not "make it" you would return to supervision. I was a part-time supervisor for 3 years and was given the oppertunity to go driving and took it. I have driven for 1 1/2 years now and wouldnt change anything. I really like driving and will seriously doubt any return to management.
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    In the good old days....If you don't make it driving you're out of a job.
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    thanks for the insight
    thankfully now thats not the case ...:0
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    So they asked you to switch over to driver from a PT supervisor job. Are they asking you to go into full time driving for good, or is this just the three months that they used to make PT supes do before they went FT supes? I am just curious as to if you put in a letter stating that you wanted to go driving. PT supes that want to go driving in our center have to put a letter in to be considered the "outside" hire and there are way more that want to drive then stay in management.

    And you better learn that stick quickly. You and a stick shift in a mall parking lot until you master it. Good luck.
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    I was a part-time sup and I am now currently a full-time driver.
    I would jump at the chance to go driving, because it will only help you further your career, whether you want to stay hourly, or eventually go back into management.

    If you start driving, and decide that you like the job, and have no interest in going back into management, you have a nice young head start and get to skip ahead of the line seniority wise. With the new contract, you get much better pay than I currently do...go figure.

    If you start driving and decide you would like to go into full-time management, having driving experience will help you tremendously. Not only would you have the experience of actually doing the job, but you also would have an advantage of starting out at a higher pay grade.

    In my experience from my district and division, if a part-time sup goes to full-time driving, and for whatever reason does not qualify, they are no longer employeed with UPS. They cannot hold your part-time sup position to see if you qualify or not. I have known other part-time sups who passed school, but got into an accident before gaining seniority, and they had to find other jobs. In a couple rare occurances, UPS found them another pt sup job, but it was usually in another center and they had to start from scratch on the payscale.

    Good luck
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    Little off-subject, but I'm always surprised by the number of people who don't know how to drive a standard transmission.
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    thanks ..she said she could definately make it happen and that she would offer to tech me stick in the parking lot before and after shifts .. shes a good person she answers directly to the division manager so shes pretty high up im guessing

    yea i wasnt too clear on what happened if say i didnt pass thats what troubles me now ..
  11. bad company

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    Sounds like you're talking about your center or business manager. I was in the same boat as you and did not know how to drive a manual transmission before going to school. I spent a couple saturdays driving around on the lot and some on-road sups took me for rides when they had the time. Practice makes perfect. It can easily be learned and overcome.

    Keep in mind the younger generation is mostly going to be in the same boat. Manual transmission cars are harder and harder to find in newer models, and in high school, most kids now get a car with an automatic transmission and never have a chance to learn how to drive a manual transmission car.
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    When my 2 kids were learning to drive I made sure both of them also learned how to drive a stick. We actually used the UPS parking lot on the weekend to practice.