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  1. bigmoneymark

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    I have a job at Wal-Mart dc from sat-mon from 5-3:30pm. I plan on transferring to a different shift from tues-friday and will work 5-3:30 am. Well I got a job offered from fedex part time dock worker took drug test and waiting for phone call to go to job orientation. my fedex work hours are going to be from 8pm to 4am its part time. How many days do I have to wait so I can transfer to a different shift because I hate nightshift and was hoping to get a shift that works with my schedule? Im doing dock worker. also what are the benefits like and would you work 2 jobs with the hours I presented to you? One last thing is I got drug tested and pretty sure I got the job just waiting for a phone call and if I decide not to take it and change my mind do I tell fedex when they call me to go in that I don't want the job? Thank guys in advance for your input.
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    Is this for fedex freight? Which fedex company are you applying for?
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    I think its fedex freight I will be working at the Hermiston Oregon one. Its a small one and what I will do is load and unload trailers with a forklift that's all.
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    Glad to see you know exactly what opco. you're applying with.
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    I'd say he's exactly what FedEx is looking for these days

    8 to 4?...doesn't sound like part-time to me.

    The general rule of thumb these days - if the offer letter says 'FedEx' anywhere on it, in any shape or form, run - do not walk - in the opposite direction. Sorry to be such a downer, but that's just what it's become.
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    They told me 8pm-4am5 days a week.
  7. bigmoneymark

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    They told me 8pm-4am 5 days a week. I know it doesnt sound like oart time more like full time but he said i will be wirking most likely 4 to 5 hours a day thats why its part time time. To my original question after how long can i transfer to a different shift? And I am waiting for a week shift to open at walmart which i think will open up at beggining of march. Idk if i will get but if i kinda dont want this job no more i did paperwork and drug test and what do i say when he calls me? Would it hurt my employment in the future?


    Actually, Freight is the one opco that's halfway worth working for from what I've heard.
  9. overflowed

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    +1 I've heard their pay is decent. I remember seeing that same position around my area recently. Starting was 15-16 bucks or something.
  10. bigmoneymark

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    Well i gunna get paid $15 and to my original questuon hiw long do i have to wait so i can transfer to a different shift? Is it 6 months? And do i tell him ocer the phone i dont want the job no more?
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    I can only speak for Express, but they will keep you in the night shift for as long as they can. You're more valuable to them that way. They may say you can switch when there is a daytime opening, but they will likely try to cover that shift with someone willing to come in and work extra hours. Maybe it's different elsewhere, but that's how it goes here.
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    If they bothered with the drug test, it's pass/fail for the job 99% of the time.

    It's based on the size of the operation, I trained a PH and 2 weeks later he got moved to another part of the operation, it's all based on turnover, transfers, and where they need the help. If you're working 8pm to 4am, you're more than likely in a large operation, or a hub, if this is the case, it's never too early to start letting the other sorts know you're willing to fill in and want to eventually move to that sort. Just come at it like this, "Hey I'm not much of a night owl, I was hoping to move to the day shift but I'm willing to put in my time here until a spot opens up on that sort, and if ever need help on the day shift I'm available on _____ to fill in", for us managers it's very nice to have a guy who's willing to fill in when we are short a person or just need an extra guy for a busy day, We don't mind losing them to another sort because we think, "hey if I need a hand, this guy knows my sort and is the type of guy who would help out if we are in a bind."
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    Don't approach it as a negotiation as they want what they want, period. As was said, do the time and then look for openings posted for other shifts. Eventually you should get what you want but you'll have to deal with it until then if you want the job. Don't let on too much about how badly you want days as some mgrs will go out of their way to figure out how to keep you in place. Just be patient, it will happen. If however you can find something else with reasonable pay and the hours you want you might want to go that rt as FedEx isn't what it used to be.