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    Hey guys, I'm sure I'll get trolled but it is what it is. So I applied for a part time air driving job. Stayed in contact with the HR guy over the past week and we had agreed to set up an interview. Long, irrelevant story short, he calls me today and wanted to know if I could come in at 3 oclock for an interview. I agreed and went in to get there to hear him say "we might not fill this position but would like to interview you for PT preload sup". Not what I wanted to hear. Okay, now to my point. The guy changed his story to me twice. I asked what the possibilities of going from a sup to driving, he first says "the seniority is for union employees only and it would be very tough for you to do that". Okay, that's what I was thinking. Well later in our time of talking, he tells me "if you're wanting to drive, you can still do it going this route. the only thing that matters is your hourly seniority". So WTF is the story? Would it be the same as me working as a package handler, etc and be in the union or is this guy blowing smoke up my bottom side to get someone in?
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    If your end goal is to drive do not go for the PT sup job.
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    Your story is all over the place.
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    Agreed if you plan on driving I wouldn't do it. It's a 6:1 ratio. I know at the hub I work at they aren't hiring drivers anytime soon, you can not beat the benefits that you would receive working part time at ups.
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    And be stuck at a dead end job
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