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    Yesterday i went to work feeling sick. Thankfully didn't hurl and went to my second job after preload. I've only been working there for 5 weeks and i've never been late or called in sick. Today i couldn't stop hurling, its subsided now but im still getting my seniority and don't want to mess this up. I read the other thread about him getting harassed by his sup, but mine just said ok. This is my first time calling in sick for like 8 months in both jobs. I don't make it a habit. Is UPS as bad as people make it seem out to be lol?
  2. If you have a pulse you will be fine. People get sick and they will understand. Check your supplement to see how many occurrences you need to have in order for dicipline to start. Where I'm at its 6 in a 9 month period. Hope you feel better.
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    Breaking News! Personal experiences with your job will vary from hub to hub and sup to sup. More news as it develops. :p
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    5 weeks in and you banged? Lol my first Christmas peak, I attempted to bang in one day cause I was throwing up (didn't have any sick time yet). My center manager talked me into coming in, and swore he'd cut me early. I ended up working the entire 9 hour shift..but to his credit, he did bring me a wastebasket to puke in. Ah...the crap we used to put up with for 10 bucks an hour....lol.
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    Hero status. Haha.