R.I.P. Bill Johnson

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Jan 22, 2016.

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    55 years old - Too young
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    Wow. I didn't realize he was that old. That makes me ... nevermind.

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    Still remember his downhill Olympic run as it was out on the raw edge of control. Miss the old Olympics when the downhill was a prime time featured event shown start to finish. Now they just show highlights so Bob Costas can talk our ears off. They always had cool camera shots at some of the high speed gates and it was mic'd. Sounded like a jet aircraft at speed going past. Even more impressive that Bill beat the mighty Swiss Pirmin Zurbriggen of whom I was always a big fan of.

    RIP Bill.

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    That downhill course was perfect for Johnson. Not too technically difficult so whoever had the biggest balls and went all out won.
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    That's what makes Johnson's win even more impressive as this course was perfect for Zurbriggen who was a downhill demon. Zurbriggen won 9 world championship medals, World Cup 4 times and is considered by many to be among the greatest skies of all time. On that day in Sarajevo, Johnson was the demon (his win was huge) but he was never to get close to Zurbriggen again. Zurbriggen at the time had just turned 21 and Bill had just debuted in World Cup Competition the year before at the age of 22. Both Bill and Pirmin would retire together in 1990'.
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    I'm having pizza...