R.I.P. Bob Grant

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    NTS MediaOnline Today is sad to report the death of Talk radio pioneer Bob Grant, who died on New Year’s Eve, Tuesday (12/31). He was 84. After a post-college gig at WBBM/Chicago, Grant would go on to become one of the inventors of so-called ‘controversial’ Talk radio, first taking over for the legendary Joe Pyne in 1964 at KABC/Los Angeles, after having worked as a TV and radio personality at crosstown KNX. But Bob’s biggest Talk radio success would come after making a move to New York, where, over more than four decades he was heard on WMCA, WABC and WOR. Grant’s often tumultuous NYC radio career took a brief hiatus when he became part of the lineup at one of America’s very first FM Talk radio stations, WWDB/Philadelphia. He was also the author of the bestselling book, Let’s Be Heard.